CDQ supports Swiss government with data management strategy


Strategy for common data management at federal level of Switzerland

Common data management is an important stepping stone in the digital transformation of public authorities. This allows Swiss citizens and companies to only submit their data to the administration once ("Once-only") and prevent tedious duplicate reporting. Furthermore, this allows the authorities to provide more efficient and citizen-oriented services. Common data should be jointly managed in accordance with data protection and provided to authorities at all federal levels as well as to other authorized circles.

The "strategy for common data management at federal level" was successfully developed with the support of the consultants from CDQ AG and was approved in the assembly of the federal council on 20 December 2018.

This was further clarified in the press release from the Swiss government (in German):

"The strategy identifies the goal, guidelines, implementation concept and procedures for future common data management, where the focus should be primarily placed on common corporate data. The strategy also identifies the basis for the federation’s cooperation with the Cantons. The federation determined the following procedures and mandates: Continued and planned intentions that address the currently important elements of common corporate data management should be oriented toward the goals of the present strategy. Furthermore, the business processes in which common corporate m data is managed and used should be systematically collected and those among them that are suited for common data management should be identified. The federal IT Steering Committee (ISB) was assigned to clarify all required general legal bases for common data management by the end of 2019."

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