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Enjoying my Work of Helping Customers to Better Data

I am Iryna Redka. I originate from Ukraine, but I moved to Poland for my master’s degree as business analyst. Now I am living in Poland already since more than 8 years. In my work life I enjoy working with numbers and in my private life I enjoy fitness and dance classes.

I enjoy my work because I see in my day to day work how we really help customers to get better data.

Eliminating over 80 Thousand Duplicates and Improving Data Quality in over 1 Million Records in 10 Weeks

At Bayer, for example, we supported the merger with Monsanto by merging customer and supplier master data from both organizations. Our cloud-based solution considerably improved the quality of more than 1.3 million data records and eliminated 80,000 duplicates in a record time of 10 weeks.

Or in the case of Sartorius we added the postal codes to 93% of 4'000 Japanese customer records with lacking zip codes. In this way Sartorius saved three weeks of manual work.

Ouch! Duplicates and Missing Information within Customer and Vendor Data

From my experience most companies suffer from duplicates and missing information within their customer and vendor data records. Sometimes the pain points are in a specific region. At times customers contact me because there is a current project like the migration to a new CRM or ERP System that require clean data. Recently for a lot of companies the migration to S/4 HANA is a challenge!

Finding a Sustainable Way of Keeping Customer and Vendor Data Clean

From time to time I have also people asking me if there is an option to not only do a onetime cleaning but rather ensure consistently high data quality. And of course, there is also a solution for that!

So, this would also be my general recommendation for better data: "Don't do a one-time cleaning action with your customer and vendor data. Find a sustainable way to keep this data clean."

From my experience to get management attention for your data quality issues, you need to deliver clear facts. An analysis of your customer vendor data could be very helpful.

Iryna's Free Analysis of your B2B Customer and Vendor Data

Therefore, I would like to raffle three detailed free analyses of your customer and vendor data.*

To participate, contact us here using the red button in the infobox until the 8th of December 2019 24:00 CET. Please check out the details of our promotion in our terms and condition below.

About the author

Iryna Redka
Data Analyst

"Don't do a one-time cleaning action with your customer and vendor data. Find a sustainable way to keep this data clean."

My gift to you

We raffle three free analyses of B2B customer and vendor data.*

 The following rules apply for this promotion:

  • Each organization/person may only request one data analysis
  • The promotion will start as soon as this page is published
  • We raffle three times a data analysis of up to 10,000 data record of your customer and vendor data (B2B)
  • The promotion ends on 8th December 2019 at 24:00 CET
  • Winners will be determined by lot
  • The winner will be informed by email at the latest on the 9th of December 2019
  • The personal data collected for this promotion will be processed in accordance with our privacy policy and will only be used for the purpose of contacting you regarding the analysis
  • The analysis of data will be delivered within two weeks after receiving the data
  • The legal recourse is excluded

We protect your data in the best possible way

Data ProtectionAll data we receive is protected through up-to-date protocols and encryption mechanisms. The entire CDQ Cloud infrastructure is provided on Amazon Web Service (AWS) servers in the European Union (Frankfurt, Germany and Dublin, Ireland) to comply with EU data privacy regulation. All data uploaded into the CDQ Cloud as well as analysis results are stored in individual databases per customer, and users can choose to delete. If a user chooses to delete its data, all data will be deleted, and no data is cached or withheld. Updates which are disclosed for sharing with other community peers are processed and stored separately and do not have any backlink to a user.

Do you still have questions about the protection of your business partner data in the CDQ Cloud? We will be happy to answer your questions in a personal interview - just contact us!

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