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Hi, I am Martin Fadler and originally from Berlin. I worked for a couple of years as a data scientist before I started my PhD at the University in Lausanne in collaboration with the Competence Center Corporate Data Quality (CC CDQ).

Since my start two years ago, I am frequently confronted with two worlds that co-exist in the field of data management: the traditional world of master data management & reporting and the new world of big data & advanced analytics. Both worlds depend on each other but do, oftentimes, not collaborate yet. Therefore, I try to build a bridge between both worlds in my research, where I focus on data science for data management and data management for data science.

Most of the people that met me personally know me from workshops of the CC CDQ where I am responsible for the co-innovation session “Managing the enterprise analytics platform”. Or they know me as a speaker from different events as MDM Thinklinkers or Stammdatenforum where I talked about data catalogs or machine learning for data management. Besides sharing my passion for data, I am a quite active person who enjoys music and does a few action sports like snowboarding, sailing, or surfing.

#SharingDataExcellence: Managing Data as an Asset with the Help of Artificial Intelligence

A recent publication from Prof. Dr. Christine Legner and me is the whitepaper "Managing Data as an Asset with the Help of Artificial Intelligence". This whitepaper was also presented during several events and mentioned in several articles.

It was sponsored by SAP and is usually only available for the CC CDQ members or at the SAPs website. But as my gift – this whitepaper is now available for you for direct download for 24 hours! Don't miss it!

About the author

Martin Fadler
PhD Candidate

"Scale data management processes with the help of AI."

My gift to you

The whitepaper "Managing Data as an Asset with the Help of Artificial Intelligence" is today also available free of charge to non CC CDQ members.

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