Data Sharing Community sets its sights on APAC countries in 2019


Data Sharing Community

The Data Sharing Community sets its sights on APAC countries in 2019

The Data Sharing Community (former Corporate Data League, CDL) further continued its growth in 2018. The community is a unique network of global companies for common maintenance of business partner data and is acknowledged for its innovative data sharing approach (see recent article in  SAP’s news center in German). In addition to the immediate benefits of higher data quality and lower costs for data maintenance, these companies also cooperate on other topics such as the definition of metadata (e.g. measurement rules for data quality) and the identification of other data sources (especially Open Data).

Following the accession of SAP, Sartorius Stedim Biotech and Siemens, the number of active member companies has grown in recent months due to the joining of Evonik as a steering committee member and Dekra and Lonza as regular community members. The great advances in data sharing is also quite gratifying. The number of shared business partner data increased significantly in 2018. In economically prominent countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom and France, individual member companies were already able to achieve more than 75% crossover with the Data Sharing Community data pool.

For 2019, the community set the goal to achieve greater efficiency gains through further automation. The focus on APAC countries, particularly China as a focus region for 2019, will contribute to continued growth and significant efficiency gains. For the APAL countries, the community has committed to automating the manual translation processes from various character sets/fonts, the definition of data quality rules for quality assurance and the definition of address formats and standards. 

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