CDQ Business Partner Lookup offers data enrichment in the SAP S/4HANA Cloud


CDQ Business Partner Lookup for S/4HANA - available in the SAP App Center

The CDQ Business Partner Lookup app makes data integration simple when using the SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Simultaneously searching multiple external sources, finding up-to-date and complete business partner data as well as transferring the appropriate record to one's own system with a single click—this is how many MDG users envision the ideal process for creating client and vendor data. So far, this was only possible, if at all, with extensive individual integration effort.

CDQ Business Partner Lookup App for S4/HANASAP now offers a simple and flexible solution via the S/4HANA Cloud for Data Enrichment: You can activate an app from the data provider of your choice in the SAP App Center and then have immediate access to the provider’s data in your MDG processes. The integration with your MDG system is either performed by the data provider and SAP or has already been integrated. Additional S/4HANA applications are planned for 2019.

CDQ is proud to offer one of the first apps for this data integration. The Business Partner Lookup app integrates directly into S/4 HANA /MDG and provides complete and verified master data records – which is saving time and improves the data quality. If you have to create or maintain a customer or vendor, you can search for the existing information of this BP in the Business Lookup App and import the required information immediately, such as the legal form, address or tax number of the company.

The companies in the Corporate Data League have agreed upon using this path to open up the shared data pool to other companies in order to increase the visibility of the "Data Shareconomy". Additionally, CDQ has connected more than 40 open data sources, creating a pool of more than 30 million legal entity records, each with multiple addresses, which are quality assured through the Corporate Data League and CDQ.

The CDQ Business Partner Lookup app for SAP S/4HANA gives you access to this data without any additional integration effort.SAP App CenterCDQ offers a free trial in the SAP App Center and even after that you only pay for select data; not for requests or results. Consequently, you have full cost control and can evaluate the benefits of the app risk-free.

In this short video, you can get a quick first overview of the functionalities of the CDQ Business Partner Lookup app

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