Consulting Services

  • Strategic Consulting for Business Data Management

    When it comes to achieving business excellence and satisfying customer’s needs, high quality business data is essential. Where higher demand and specific requirements of organisations steadily increase, a company’s data management should naturally evolve too. In order to cope with the rising pressures on businesses, CDQ offers a partnership scheme where we endeavour to improve data management. We support a company’s desire to transform their current systems, in order to push their business to new horizons.

    Service components Benefits

    One off consultations, to long lasting partnerships which cover

    • Strategy design and implementation of data management programs
    • Data governance set up and an organised transformation
    • Design of data life cycles for a complete understanding of quality demands and increased efficiency
    • Design and implementation of data quality metrics

    Via consultations we can understand individual needs and create bespoke solutions to solve any business challenges

    • Proven methods and expertise in order to achieve full potential
    • Comprehensive experience in transforming business expectations into realities
  • Data Value Chain Management

    Integrated business value chains are used by many organisations around the globe. They allow businesses to perform with accelerated productivity, first rate quality and market precision. Therefore having the right information has never been more crucial. 
    In todays data driven business models data value chains rearrange unorganised data into usable information which, in turn, creates new business values. 
    Obtaining valuable data can be a lengthy process, as it must be sourced, analysed, enriched and rearranged. This is what data value chains stand for, they represent the entire process along the lifecycle of data and utilise multiple platforms in order to achieve tangible results. 
    For over a decade, the Competence Center Corporate Data Quality (CC CDQ), has succeeded in supporting the growth of digital capabilities due to its finely tuned services, design and comprehension of data value chains.


    Service Components Benefits
    • Individual project support and consultations  
    • Documenting how data creates business value
    • Designing data lifecycle processes 
    • Data management organisation 
    • Enhanced data driven business models
    • Extensive knowledge and expertise from over 30 members of the Competence Center CDQ
    • Up to date methods and tools based on the latest research results
  • Maturity Assessment and Benchmarking

    Sadly, building up master data management is no walk in the park. Therefore we understand organisations need a little guidance from time to time. We can help to identify the current maturity level of MDM, as well as analyse business strengths and plan future improvements.



    Service Components: Benefits:
    • Guided self-assessment or audit
    • Data collection via interviews
    • Priority analysis and benchmarking
    • Strategic plan of action for the future
    • Use of a standardised maturity and benchmarking model
    • Thorough assessment of the DQM maturity level
    • A strategic plan of action for the future, based on the results
  • Making Information Management “FIT” for Industrie 4.0

    Industrie 4.0 promises increased effectiveness and evolution of new business models, services and innovative products. Business networking and data integration along the entire value chain act as key elements for Industrie 4.0. Information management and data services play a prominent role as implementation enablers. Information management and data services effectively serve their purpose as implementation enablers. 

    We offer expert consultation services in supporting a company to implement Industrie 4.0 into their existing business model.


    Service components Benefits
    • Readiness assement for Industrie 4.0
    • Joint development of a transformation plan
    • Execution support
    • Smooth transition implementing Industrie 4.0
    • Expertise in master data management 
    • Professional practice via the Competence Center for Corporate Data Quality (CC CDQ) network 
  • Digital Business Engineering

    Whatever your specified digital requirements may be, we are there to assist you. Due to the complete competence of our experts and research staff, we can accomplish real value within all technical, operational and strategic challenges that businesses may face. In addition we’ll support you in laying the foundations to boost potential digital or data-driven business models, throughout your entire business.


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