Data Domains: Schaeffler Extends Data Management


Defining 45 data domains, Schaeffler Extends Data Management from Master Data to All Other Types of Corporate Data

In 2016, Schaeffler won the CDQ Good Practice Award for pursuing a consistent data management strategy. Among other things, the company uses performance indicators to measure and improve data quality on a regular basis. It thereby systematically drives forward its initiative for improving the management of master data launched in 2009. Among other great achievements, the group managed to reduce processing time of customer master data by 60 percent. The focus of the initiative originally was on typical master data classes (namely material, supplier, and customer master data).​

But new challenges lie ahead. Like so many other organizations operating under the impact of the digitalization megatrend, Schaeffler needs to cope with an ever increasing amount of data. Every day new data is produced, e.g., in e-mobility, in the course of various digitalization initiatives, but also in everyday business operations. As all this data has a value for Schaeffler, the company wants to treat it as a corporate asset. This is why Schaeffler decided to apply the same processes it has established for the management of master data to all other types of corporate data as well. The goal is to make high-quality data available to business processes across the entire group, and to do so efficiently, in time, and rule compliant.​

Schaeffler Data Domains

Data Domains help to get a clear picture of the data that needs to be managed

To get a clear picture of the data that needs to be managed on an everyday basis, Schaeffler's Corporate Data Management Team – with the help of CDQ AG – defined forty-five data domains.

For each data domain, a manager was appointed. Each data domain manager is in charge of the Data Governance of their data domain.​​​

The Corporate Data Management Team supports the data domain managers by providing a well-established process model, which builds on the Data Excellence Model developed by the Competence Center Corporate Data Quality.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

To Prof. Peter Gutzmer, Deputy CEO of the group, the definition of specific data domains is a milestone in the successful implementation of the corporate strategy named "Mobility for Tomorrow".

"The concept underlines the importance of high-quality data for the digital transformation of our group",
the Chief Technology Officer is sure.

Data Management at Schaeffler Group

In an article recently published in the specialist magazine "Big Data Insider", Markus Rahm provides insights into data management at Schaeffler. And how it has evolved with the help of CDQ. Data Management at the Schaeffler Group

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