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Sharing Data Excellence - Our Mission

We believe that data is an important driver for achieving business goals. Every organization should ensure having the required data available in the necessary quality (fit for purpose), so that employees can trust the data and use it in a compliant and responsible way. This is for us Data Excellence -  Data quality to achieve business goals.

Excellent is also our knowledge. The Competence Center Corporate Data Quality (CC CDQ) is a unique community of data management experts – comprising professionals from 20 European companies and a research team. This community has been active for more than 10 years and continues developing concepts, tools and methods for data management. These developments have resulted in the Data Excellence Model (DXM), a comprehensive framework for managing data as a true company asset. Added to this are years of consulting experience. Our consultants know how to put these concepts in practice and make data management work in complex organizational settings. We have the most extensive data management knowledge in Europe

We believe in Data Sharing and collaboration. Originating from a CC CDQ research project, we successfully created a community for collaborative maintenance of business partner data years ago. It has resulted in the Data Sharing Community as a collaborative platform for maintaining business partner data across company boundaries. In our research and good practice communities, as well as through our experienced consultants and online we enjoy sharing our expertise.

Data Management Research

#MachineLearning #DataLakes #DataCatalogs #DataStrategies: These are some of the co-innovation topics addressed by the CC CDQ in close collaboration with research institutions and companies. Find out more about our research results here: Data Management Research at the CC CDQ

Data Quality Solutions

Our innovative Data Quality Solutions deliver Data Quality as a Service (DQaaS) and help you to improve your customer and supplier master data in three stages, saving time and money. Getting started is easy! Improve your data quality now!

Data Quality Tools

CDQ's cloud-based Data Quality Tools enable fast and reliable analyses, validation and enrichment of your business partner master data. Request your personal demo now! Data Quality Tools for better business partner data

Data Sharing Community

Better quality, less manual efforts through Data Sharing: Our Data Sharing Community helps companies improve their business partner data together, share the burden of data maintenance, and reliably protect all participants against invoice fraud. Want to know more? CDQ Data Sharing Community

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