Clever MDM Solutions for Customer and Vendor Data

Our MDM Solutions at a Glance:

  1. Data Management Solutions for Strategic and Transformational Projects
  2. Data Management Solutions for Supply Chain and Spend Management
  3. Data Management Solutions for Financial Transactions and Risk Mitigation
  4. Data Management Solutions for Sales and Marketing
  5. Data Management Solutions for the Future and Today

Data is like water and needed for everything. Processes and decisions are based on data. Data Quality determines business success. Quality data enables automation, reduces process errors, provides business insight, and minimizes risks. For the data maintenance of customer and vendor data, there are smart ready-to-go master Data Management Solutions that help to cleanse the data not only once but to keep it right in the long term.

Our MDM Solutions can be used with our cloud-based software applications or by integration into your existing systems via API.

Data Management Solutions

We offer innovative MDM Solutions for

  •  Strategic and transformational projects
  •  Supply chain and spend management
  •  Financial transactions and risk mitigation
  •  Sales and marketing
  •  Today's and future data management

How CDQ Business Partner Lookup Works

Watch this video to get a feeling how you can easily maintain your customer and vendor master data:


Fast and

Without duplicates!

See how the web app works and how it functions integrated in a SAP system. Find out which successful companies already rely on CDQ Data Management services.

Data Management Solutions for Strategic and Transformational Projects

Strategic projects such as a migration to S/4HANA and transformations like M&A are of high priority for the entire company. Many of the new processes, systems and decisions are based on data. But what about the quality of this data? The master data of customers and suppliers in particular are an important piece of the puzzle in these transformation processes. Today, data quality of business partner data can be ensured quickly and sustainably with clever and automated cloud-based data management solutions.

  • SAP S/4HANA Migration

    Make customer and supplier data ready for the SAP S/4HANA Migration.

  • Mergers & Aquisitions (M&A)

    Clear overview of customers and vendors during the due-diligence and post M&A phase.

SAP S/4HANA Migration - Feed the New System Only with Good Data

S/4HANA is a game-changer that makes quality data non-negotiable. This new SAP ERP solution makes it possible to take advantage of advanced analytics, machine learning and real-time decision support capabilities, but its implementation also introduces new challenges. Enterprises that use S/4HANA need to ensure that their data quality supports not only business transactions, but also the instantaneous analysis of information.

Data quality should be a key topic for the S/4 project. To implement the SAP S/4HANA solution, customer and vendor master data from SAP systems and non-SAP systems must be migrated to SAP S/4HANA. To do this, SAP recommends the use of the SAP S/4HANA migration cockpit. Tools like this facilitate the transfer of business data from a source system to SAP S/4HANA, but "garbage in, garbage out" still rings true.

There's less time to correct master data errors when that data is being used in real time. However, ensuring data accuracy is even more important when it feeds the analytics that drive your decisions.

Learn more about CDQ's Data Management Services to reliably improve the data quality of customer and vendor data before and after Migration to SAP S/4HANA.

360-Degree View of All Available Business Partner Data During All Mergers & Acquisitions Phases

The right data strategy and execution ensures that business processes run smoothly after a merger, spin-off, divestiture, or acquisition, enabling economies of scale and maximizing productivity. The key problem during the due diligence process and after M&As is that business-critical data such as customer and supplier data is fragmented and scattered across multiple applications. When assessing the fit of the future organizations, the suitability of the data should be considered. The key driver for mergers or acquisitions is the desire to increase the value of synergies between organizations. That is why it is also about synergies from data.

So, business data should be assessed during the due diligence process and needs to be integrated after the M&A.  To achieve the expected synergy effects such as profit maximization and sales increases, the consolidated data, which is driving operations in both companies, must be accurate. No matter whether IT wants to migrate individual data or integrate all systems into one single system, duplicates must be removed, wrong data corrected, and missing data added.

CDQ's holistic Data Management Services for customer and vendor data as a state-of-the-art cloud application provides a 360-degree view of all available business partner data during all M&A phases:

  • Due diligence phase: strategic assessment of overlap of customer and vendor data to evaluate the synergies and costs of data integration
  • Post M&A: redundancy-free master data with correct, up-to-date and complete business partner data for optimal synergy effects

Data Management Solutions for Supply Chain and Spend Management

Customer and supplier data are crucial for supply chain processes. Without correct data, processes do not function as they should. Procurement and supply chain experts are also dependent on the business partner data available in the company for analysis and business insights. CDQ's MDM solutions provide enriched quality customer and vendor data as a state-of-the-art cloud solution.

  • Spend Analysis

    High quality vendor data to maximize savings and procurement efficiency.

  • Digital Supply Chain

    Trusted business partner data within existing workflows for supply chain experts.

  • Supplier Qualification

    Improved supplier qualification process with sanctions lists and corporate structures.

Data Quality as a Foundation for Successful Spend Analysis

Procurement spend analysis is one of the key tools that procurement organizations use to proactively increase cost savings, efficiency and contract compliance. Therefore, sourcing executives review procurement spend data. This process consists of collecting, cleansing, classifying and analyzing spend data from all suppliers in order to answer and assess the who, what, when, etc. of an organization’s expenditures (e.g. which products were ordered from different suppliers from the same holding).

Procurement leaders consider data quality as a key success factor for spend analysis. CDQ's Data Management Services for customer and vendor data create the foundation for having instant access to current, valid, reliable numbers for spend volume for suppliers across all business departments and subsidiaries:

  • Consolidated vendor master data without duplicates
  • Enriched supplier master data with missing information as for example DUNs numbers for hierarchies (provided by Bisnode)
  • Validated vendor master data with correct names and addresses

Automated Data Quality for the Digital Supply Chain

Data Quality is critical to the supply chain function. While supply chains are attempting to become digitized, they need trusted data.  According to a study by the supply chain resource cooperative at NC State university “only 15% of survey respondents believe their existing systems are capable of producing clean data that can be trusted. In addition, 20% more respondents in 2018 emphasized that they are spending more than one-quarter of their day searching for data.”

Supply chain managers, that consider data quality as a key success factor for the digital supply chain, trust CDQ's cloud-based Data Management Services for customer and vendor data. Our MDM solutions achieve successful deliveries and pickups based on:

  • Up-to-date and accurate company names and addresses
  • Correct and standardize international addresses by adding missing data such as zip codes, city and Geo codes and assuring the authorized format of the national postal service
  • High quality data based on automated data management that reduces manual work and duplicates

Improved Supplier Qualification Process with Sanction List and Corporate Structures

As head of procurement or procurement expert you have to audit new vendors and must periodically audit existing suppliers. One aspect of the audit is the existence of quality certifications (e.g. ISO). The identification and evaluation of these qualification certificates is difficult and especially on an international level very time-consuming. The steps to be taken for both new and existing suppliers are associated with significant costs, as some information (e.g. on child labor) is only available locally and is also unreliable in some cases. This always carries the risk of a potential image loss.

CDQ's Data Management Solutions support you to have a central and automated provision and bundling of information (e.g. sanctions lists, legal and corporate structures) which significantly reduces the effort of procurement staff in the qualification of suppliers and minimizes potential risks (e.g. child labor at a supplier) by ensuring a high level of transparency.

  • Consolidated vendor master data without duplicates
  • Enriched supplier master data with missing information as for example DUNs numbers for hierarchies (provided by Bisnode)
  • Up-to-date information from international sanction lists

MDM Solutions for Financial Transactions and Risk Mitigation

Tax returns need correct VAT numbers, wire transfers require correct bank account numbers and financial planning rely on correct data. CDQ’s data management solutions provide correct customer and vendor master data ready to use.

  • Wire Transfers

    Minimizing risks and effort by using trusted bank account numbers.

  • Tax Return

    Increased tax return with correct VAT numbers.

  • Financial Planning and Analysis

    Focus on high quality FP&A instead of manual data entry and correction.

Using Verified Bank Account Numbers vor Wire Transfers

As CFO or accounts payable manager, you try to protect the company's assets in the best possible way and minimize risks efficiently. For payments such as bank transfers or automated clearing house (ACH) payments, corporate accounts must be protected. Unfortunately, ACH and wire transfer fraud is becoming increasingly common.

To avoid fraudulent payments, CDQ's Master Data Management (MDM) Solutions can be used. The proactive and cloud-based bank account verification can be used online or can be integrated via API directly into the existing workflows.

  • Helps to use up-to-date and correct bank account numbers for business partners
  • Reduces the high manual effort (including verification of bank accounts)
  • Minimize errors in business processes (e.g., payment comes back, payment fraud)

Higher Tax Refund with Correct VAT Numbers

As a tax manager, accountant, or tax attorney, you try to settle all tax matters in the best way for your company. Tax return or reverse-charge processes are relying on correct VAT numbers. Wrong information creates potential risks. Maintaining VAT numbers and checking whether local requirements have changed is usually a significant cost driver. Additional researching, integrating, and managing external data sources is also complicated.

CDQ's Data Management Solutions can be used online or integrated directly into existing workflows to help users to validate and use correct tax numbers:

  • Using correct tax numbers in different business processes
  • Reducing high manual effort of researching an exact VAT number
  • Minimize errors in business processes (e.g., make full use of VAT refunds, avoid unauthorized VAT deductions)

FP&A Initiatives with Correct Customer and Vendor Data

As a CFO, controller, or finance manager, you drive continuous enterprise-wide financial planning and analysis (FP&A) initiatives and need to be able to trust the data. New levels of automation, integration, and digital business initiatives will require more consistent and agile FP&A reporting processes in the future. Greater FP&A accuracy and more-actionable insight need better data. Customer and vendor master data are a key data source from the variety of data sources on which the processes of the tax office are based. As a financial manager, you need to empower your staff to focus on providing high-quality plans and analysis using new tools instead of spending time on repetitive tasks such as manual data entry and correction.

CDQ's Data Management Solutions for better customer and vendor master data can be used via cloud-based online applications or integrated directly into existing workflows.

  • Correct vendor and customer data for more-actionable insight and reliable analytics
  • Direct access to D&B premium data including hierarchies through a Cooperation with Bisnode

Data Management Solutions for Sales and Marketing

As a sales and marketing manager, your customer data is a very valuable asset. However, you can only use this data if it is maintained correctly. CDQ's Data Management Solutions help you to cleanse the data and keep it clean.

  • 360-Degree Customer View

    Analytics with correct data on customer data platforms.

  • CRM System

    Clean data for the new or currently active CRM system.

Correct Customer Data as foundation for C-360 View

Sales and marketing leaders are looking for a 360-degree view of customers for the digital transformation and optimizing customer experience. Correct customer master data are the foundation for good working customer data platforms. C360 insights are only possible by accurate and consolidated data. The data required for such views typically uses a wide range of internal and external customer data stored in different platforms and applications. Often the trust and governance of the stored customer master data differ a lot. It may have different identifiers, formatting, and levels of quality. Consequently, data and analytics leaders require trustworthy data.

CDQ's Data Management Solutions for B2B customer master data can collect data from different platforms and applications and can suggest one standard, single customer data record as foundation for the C-360 view.

Improved Customer Experience Through Better B2B Customer Data

As a sales and marketing leader, you have decided to use a new CRM system. Even if everyone had hoped otherwise, the same old principle, "garbage in, garbage out" still applies with the new CRM system. So you can migrate all data to your new system, but you will only see the full benefits of the product if your data is of adequate quality.

CDQ's Data Management Solutions for B2B customer master can help you to clean up your data before you migrate it to the new system. Too late? No worries; we can also help you to clean up the data on your current CRM platform.

  • Correct customer data in your CRM
  • Automation of data maintenance
  • Cost reduction of customer data maintenance

MDM Solutions for the Future and Today

Today, companies collect masses of data. Professional data management, especially for customer and supplier master data, is, therefore, more demanded than ever. The need for better master data quality, on the one hand, and cost reduction on the other, requires automation, the use of new technologies, and best practices. Our innovative MDM Solutions unite all these requirements.

  • Data Management Automation

    A journey to zero-maintenance of customer and vendor data. Reducing manual efforts.

  • Data Quality Improvements

    Better data quality "out of the box" with proven data quality rules and external data.

  • Data Management Best Practices

    Direct access to innovation and best practices for better business partner data.

A Journey to Zero-Maintenance of Customer and Vendor Data through Automation

As a data manager, you are looking for solutions to reduce manual efforts and human mistakes. At the same time, you need proven Data Quality Rules to ensure the quality of the customer and vendor data.

CDQ's Data Management Solutions stand for better data quality and a journey to zero-maintenance of customer and vendor data.

  • CDQ's apps can be used from day one, and all tools can be integrated via API in existing workflows
  • Accurate address, legal, bank account, and tax data "out of the box"
  • Automatic reports and dashboards

Improved & Ready to Go Data Quality

As a data manager, you are continuously working on having data fitting its purpose. Your challenges are, on the one hand, to improve data quality and, on the other hand, to measure current data quality and improvements. CDQ's MDM Solutions for customer and vendor data are based on more than 1700 proven Data Quality Rules.

  • Accurate address, legal, bank account and tax data "out of the box"
  • Automatic reports and dashboards
  • Extensive Metadata Repository

Business Partner Data Management Best Practices & Innovation

As a data manager, you want to use innovation to ensure that your company is ready for the future. Do you wonder how other companies assure the data quality of their business partner data?

CDQ's Data Management Solutions are developed in collaboration with the CDQ Data Sharing Community. Data Management experts from different companies and industries meet virtually and in-person regularly to exchange best practices and to design new solutions so that they all benefit from better customer and vendor data in the future.

We protect your data in the best possible way!

Data ProtectionData security is important to us! All data that we receive when using our data management solutions is protected through up-to-date protocols and encryption mechanisms. The entire CDQ Cloud infrastructure is provided on Amazon Web Service (AWS) servers in the European Union (Frankfurt, Germany and Dublin, Ireland) to comply with EU data privacy regulation. All data uploaded into the CDQ Cloud as well as analysis results are stored in individual databases per customer, and users can choose to delete. If a user chooses to delete its data, all data will be deleted, and no data is cached or withheld. Updates which are disclosed for sharing with other community peers are processed and stored separately and do not have any backlink to a user.

Do you still have questions about the protection of your business partner data in the CDQ Cloud? We will be happy to answer your questions in a personal interview - just contact us!

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Data Management Services

Whether data quality analytics, address validation, deduplication or bank account verification: Our innovative data management services help you to enhance the quality of your vendor and customer master data. Data Management Services

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