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CDQ Data Quality Checker: Reliable Online Tool for Measuring Data Quality

Reliable Online Tool for Measuring Data Quality

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The CDQ Data Quality Checker is a quick and simple online analysis tool for evaluating the data quality of your business partner master data, such as addresses, legal structure, company names or tax ID numbers. This provides you with an overview of your customer and supplier data health in only a few minutes.

How good is the actual quality of your data, where are there deficits and which data segments contain errors? These and other questions can be reliably answered after analysis with our data health check. This is always fact based, as our quality check references over 36 million data sets and around 300 quality rules for evaluating your data. As of today, many renowned multinational corporations around the world rely on our data quality analysis tools.

The CDQ Data Quality Check can be immediately used after a quick registration process and without separate activation; currently 100% free! Our tool checks your global data health quickly and without any limitations.

More Information about the Data Quality Checker

Data Quality Checker Features

  • Health check for customer and vendor data
  • 36 Million data records
  • 309 data quality rules
  • 76 authority data sources
  • Fast & reliable data quality analysis
  • Data Quality Checks for free

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CDQ Data Quality Checker for Data Quality Analysis

The CDQ Data Quality Checker offers global coverage and is not limited to a specific country. Our tool allows your company to quickly and easily evaluate the quality of your business partner data. The data quality services reliably analyse company names, addresses, legal structures, tax ID numbers and company registration IDs, for example. Our data quality check is based on 36 million data sets maintained through open data sources as well as carefully considered quality rules that were crafted together with experienced data management consultants and experts from various international commercial and industrial companies and, thus, best cover the needs of our customers. Furthermore, we also integrate countless reference data from reliable and trustworthy external sources in order to obtain an optimal analysis.

GDPR Check: Reliably Recognise Personal Data

A special feature of our online tool is the recognition of personal data that could be hidden within your business partner data. This identifies unintentional violations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) so that you can quickly resolve the issues.

Only a Few Clicks to the Data Quality Analysis

The utilisation of our Data Quality Checker is intentionally designed to be simple, in order to make possible an analysis of your business partner data with minimal effort. Here is how it works:

  1. Download template file in the app (CSV or Excel file)
  2. Fill out the pre-defined data fields or simply use the pre-filled data to test the functionality
  3. Upload the completed file to the app
  4. The data health analysis starts automatically
  5. The results can be viewed and downloaded directly afterwards

The length of the data quality check ranges from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the number of entries to be checked. Once the upload is complete, our cloud engine begins the data quality analysis and rapidly provides the results in a clear manner—the app already displays an initial overview of the data quality.

Immediately Start After a Short Registration

Only a short registration is required to use the Data Quality Check. Upon completion, you will immediately receive a confirmation email with a link to confirm your email address and activate your access. You can use your registered email address and your chosen password at any time to log in.

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The Data Quality Checker Online Tool helps you to analyze the quality of your BP master data.

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Start using the Data Health Checker for free immediately after a short registration.

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The results of the data quality analysis can be viewed and downloaded directly afterwards.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about the Data Quality Check

Our data analysis tool is suited for all companies who want to quickly and simply acquire an overview of the quality level of their global business partners’ data. If you would like to analyse larger data sets or not deliver them in a special format, please contact our data management experts, who will gladly support you.

The use of our data analysis tool is currently free. We reserve the right, however, to offer the Data Quality Check for a fee at a later time.

Each data transmission we receive is protected through up-to-date protocols and encryption mechanisms. The entire CDQ Cloud Engine infrastructure is ran on Amazon Web Service servers in the European Union—in Frankfurt (Germany), for example. All data uploaded in the Data Quality Checker and analysis results are stored in an individual database. If the user chooses to delete the input data and results, then the entire database will be deleted. No data are cached or withheld.

Our app allows one to evaluate an infinite amount of data sets; there is currently no limitation. We reserve the right, however, to limit the service due to excessive use in order to protect our servers. Various files can be evaluated after each other.

You can either send us your data as CSV or Excel files - our online tool offers separate templates for this. These clarify the required data fields with clear terminology. The CDQ Cloud Engine can also handle unstructured data, such as combination entries with streets and house numbers or building information in the same data field—try it out, yourself!

Following the successful analysis of your input data, you will receive the first impression of the data quality in the app in the “Results Overview” window. For example, this could include the number and portion of incorrect entries regarding addresses and legal persons. You will receive a detailed evaluation in the form of a validation report in a CSV or Excel file.

The CDQ Data Quality Tools can currently be used for free and in full for data quality analysis. We reserve the right, however, to offer the tool for a fee at a later time and to limit access due to excess use in order to protect our servers.

To ensure that the Data Quality Checker functions correctly, you need one of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome (from version 56.0)
  • Mozilla Firefox (from version 52.0)
  • Apple Safari (from version 10)
  • Microsoft Edge (from version 38.14393)

Please note that our application requires the activation of JavaScript (JS) in your browser. Detailed information on how to activate JS can be found here:


Do you have questions about the app or data quality analysis? We will gladly help you!

You have questions about using the Data Quality Checker or need advice regarding data quality at the corporate level? Our data management experts are here for you!

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