SAP S/4HANA Migration - Start a Clean System with Clean Data!

Best Business Partner Data Quality for SAP S/4HANA – for the Best Start with a New System

You want to migrate to SAP S/4HANA or are already in the midst of it? SAP S/4HANA offers you many new possibilities for managing your business partner data. But many SAP customers realize: a smooth transition is impossible with the data as it is - the quality is just too poor.

Many companies discover that data migration is more difficult than expected:

  • Today, customer and supplier data might be distributed everywhere. Tomorrow, you want it consolidated in one database (the "SAP Business Partner")
  • Countless duplicates make it very hard to identify the truly active business partners
  • Closer to go-live, companies discover that data is incorrect and incomplete, automatic transactions do not go through; deliveries might end up at the wrong address
  • As the go-live date looms, time has run out to organize a manual data cleanup

The CDQ Data Sharing Platform solves this problem sustainably

  • In the cloud-based CDQ Data Sharing platform, your bp data is matched, enriched and cleansed with over 1,500 quality rules and public sources. You can start your migration with excellent data quality - fast, easy and automated
  • With Data Sharing, you solve the problem sustainably: You automatically receive notifications when we find a change to a business partner relevant for you. You can check and accept changes selectively. We share with you over 1,500 Data Quality Rules, best Reference Data from 60+ public sources (Open Data) and manually cleansed data records from our Data Sharing Community

That's why we say: Data Sharing - the best way to better data!

You want to know what Data Sharing can do for you? Find out quickly and without any obligation - just contact us!

Your Data Cleansing Expert

David Giesinger
Business Development Manager

David has been successfully consulting our customers for many years on data cleansing before ERP migration projects. He is a proven expert in improving master data quality through the data sharing approach.

Sustainable monitoring and improvement of data quality: We analyze your current business partner data and identify errors, gaps and duplicates.

Your business partner data gets cleansed, enriched and consolidated, ready for your data migration. Best of all: we make sure your data stays clean in the long run!

You become part of the CDQ Data Sharing Community: Benefit from the large pool of quality rules and reference data that many companies share with you!

Bayer uses Data Sharing to consolidate business partner data after Monsanto merger

Gerhard Gripp, Bayer"When Bayer and Monsanto merged in August 2018, we had to consolidate a decade of vendor and customer data from two companies into one database. Both companies were probably selling to the same entity, and we needed to ensure a smooth one face to the customer. CDQ helped us with their cloud-based solution in record time. They analyzed over 1.3 million records, suggested quality improvements, pointed out double entries, and ran a series of workshops where we tackled one region after the other. In total, we eliminated over 80 thousand duplicates and improved data quality in over 1 million records in a time span of 10 weeks.

A merger of this size needed the best data management approach we know. With CDQ, we could deliver against ambitious merger timelines much faster and much better. We are happy to embark on the next part of our data quality journey with them!"
Gerhard Gripp, Global Data Lead – M&A at Bayer

And what does SAP say about this?

From an arcticle by SAP:

"Data quality assurance tends to be one of the most underestimated tasks at a company. Although unpaid invoices and unreachable suppliers cause a lot of frustration, constantly updating data is very time-consuming. The CDQ Data Sharing Community, part of the sharing economy, is now providing some relief."

Data quality has been CDQ's core business since 2006, our name (Corporate Data Quality) is our mission. We have been working closely with SAP for many years, including within the framework of the Competence Center Corporate Data Quality. Among other things, we moderate a SAP MDG Focus Group to bring various user companies together with SAP and thereby jointly improve SAP's data governance product.

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Data Sharing in Data Management

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Data Sharing Community

Better quality, less manual efforts through Data Sharing: Our Data Sharing Community helps companies improve their business partner data together, share the burden of data maintenance, and reliably protect all participants against invoice fraud. Want to know more? CDQ Data Sharing Community

Data Quality Solutions

Our innovative Data Quality Solutions deliver Data Quality as a Service (DQaaS) and help you to improve your customer and supplier master data in three stages, saving time and money. Getting started is easy! Improve your data quality now!

DQaaS Boosts Multiple Benefits for SAP S/4HANA

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