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Optimally use SAP S/4HANA with High Data Quality

You want to migrate to SAP S/4HANA or are already on it? S/4HANA offers you many new possibilities for your business partner data. However, the basis for successful use of the new ERP features is high data quality.

Challenges during migration:

  • Transition to SAP Business Partner
  • Consolidation of customer and vendor data
  • Reliable legal addresses of your vendors and customers
  • Complete address data
  • Standardized address data in language and style
  • Supplementation of details such as regions or geocodes

Our solution:

  • With our S/4HANA Data Quality Package, we improve your data so that you begin your migration with excellent data quality
  • We handle the analysis, cleansing and consolidation of your business partner data. This allows you to fully concentrate on the migration project
  • And all of this for a fixed introductory price for 20,000 customer and/or supplier data sets (Mode details in our FAQs)

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We analyze your current data quality and show you the action needed.

You will receive your data cleansed, enriched and consolidated; ready for data migration.

A CDQ expert will be by your side and create the data migration roadmap with you.

Early Data Cleansing eases Transition to SAP S/4HANA

As a company, you invest much time and money in new ERP software because of the long list of advantages to a new system like S/4HANA. However, the foundation of all ERP applications is still data. Poor data quality often prevents the effective use of new functions; for example through:

  • False or missing legal addresses
  • Duplicates due to an inefficient consolidation
  • Incomplete addresses without region or geocodes
  • Company names in the local language

The effort for data preparation during a migration project is often underestimated and endangers the deadline for the entire project. When doing so, the data should absolutely be cleansed. Amongst others, this includes:

  • Replacement of invalid or missing tax numbers
  • Addition of missing address data
  • Correction of incorrect postal codes
  • Translation of company names with non-Latin characters
  • Identification of natural persons
  • Location and removal of duplicates
  • Supplementation of companies’ legal forms

Analysis, Cleansing and Consolidation of your Business Partner Data

The cleansing of your customer and vendor master data can go quickly and easily. To prevent data quality from halting the planned ERP implementation, we offer you the S/4HANA Data Quality Package for your business partner data for a fixed price, which also includes competent support from our experienced data management experts.

Before you begin with the data migration, we will run a health check of your business partner data and put it back on track. We correct errors, complete missing information, identify duplicates and recommend “golden records”. In short, we improve your data so that you can begin with top data quality.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about our Data Quality Package for SAP S/4HANA

The CDQ Data Quality Package for S/4HANA contains the following services:

  • Extensive preliminary telephone conversation with an experienced data management consultant
  • Detailed data quality report on the “health check” of your customer and vendor master data
  • Moderated workshop in your office from an experienced CDQ advisor
  • Well-planned roadmap of the following process for data cleansing and migration
  • Migration-ready data from your customer and supplier master data, meaning cleansed, enriched and consolidated data sets


  1. Location Determination
    Please let us know if you are interested in our offer. An experienced consultant will contact you to arrange a preliminary conversation. We will then clarify contractual details and arrange the contract data processing. Then, you will send us your data (only IDs, names, addresses and tax numbers; no details regarding the business relationship). We analyze your data and you receive the results of the initial analysis.

  2. Better Data Quality for your Business Partner Data
    We rate the results in a shared workshop and determine the goals of data use with you. We transfer these goals to the SAP Business Partner model, e.g., by defining "acceptable" duplicates, "golden records" and by mapping your current fields into the new data model. On the basis of these decisions, we revise the data analysis, create "golden records" from the identified duplicates, correct errors and supplement missing information. You receive the complete results.

  3. Together, we develop a roadmap for data migration to SAP S/4HANA
    Finally, an experienced consultant will present you with the results and help you develop the following procedure for the data migration in the form of a roadmap.

Summarized: You will receive better data and an individual roadmap for the subsequent data migration within 3 weeks. Furthermore, our experienced consultants share the best practices for “staying clean”, the continuous maintenance of your business partner data.

Our experienced data management experts will be happy to send you an individual offer. Let’s have a conversation! Contact us now!

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Data quality is our core business; the name Corporate Data Quality is our program. We have been taking care of nothing but the data quality of corporate data for more than 10 years.

We are reliable experts regarding the quality of master data. With our experienced consultants and our Data Quality Tools we support international companies in the master data maintenance of customer and vendor data.

Convince yourself by reading this report from SAP about the joint maintenance of customer and supplier master data through the Corporate Data League.

In addition, we closely work with SAP within the Competence Center Corporate Data Quality. Among other things, we are moderating an SAP MDG focus group in order to bring various outsourcing companies together with SAP and thus, together improve the product in the long term.

We cleanse business partner data as part of the package (customer and vendor master data). Additionally, we can certainly support you regarding your other data domains. Our consultants will gladly make you an individual offer.

We would like to differentiate this question between “before the migration” and “after the migration”. Migration is about migrating data with high data quality into the new system. After the migration, you should take measures to ensure high data quality in the long term.

Before the migration, we recommend analyzing and then cleansing the data.

During data cleansing, we consider it very important that addresses from countries like China or Russia that have address data in other characters are translated into English. Basically, all address data should be standardized and correct tax numbers should be stored. These measures are part of the SAP S/4HANA starter package and an important basis for identifying and reducing duplicates.

To consolidate the data, we group similar customer and supplier data. However, the data is often uncleansed due to information that is stored in the wrong place, such as “c/o” or vendor numbers in the company name. Our tools detect wrong information and cleanse it in advance.

In addition, we recommend enriching the data records with missing data. This can vary depending on the company's interest. Typical measures for this are:

  • Adding geocodes
  • Identifying personal data, e.g. with our GDPR master data screening
  • Supplementing official company names (legal forms)
  • Adding address data
  • Identifying numbers, such as completing the VAT identification number

Of course, the goal is to ensure the high quality of business partner data even after the migration. The following measures are helpful for this purpose:

Would you like to know more about the data quality of company master data? Our experienced data management experts are happy to answer your questions!

The package offered for the migration to SAP S/4HANA includes the analysis, revision and consolidation of business partner data (customer and vendor master data). For the revision of material data, we will gladly make you an individual offer.

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We enter into a contract with you for "data processing agreements" and ensure the complete deletion of all data after completion of the project. Your data is stored with us under encryption and protected from third party access.

The web-based tool "Migration Cockpit" helps move the data from your previous ERP to SAP S/4HANA. Amongst other things, it allows the download of predefined Excel table templates, so that you can “easily” extract older data into this format and upload it to S/4HANA by using the cockpit.

However, the application does not currently offer any cleansing functions. For more information about the Migration Cockpit, we recommend reading this this blog post.

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