It's Time to Start Cherry Picking!


CDQ: We have evolved

Or: Why Cherries Lead to Better Data Quality

In our data-driven world, data grows and changes too fast for anyone. How can you maintain data quality when 90% of all data was created in the last two years?!

We believe: Sharing is the best way to better data. We are so committed to sharing, we even made it our brand-new logo! (Hint: you can see this if you turn our logo by 90°!)

"In 2006, we formed a research consortium and it is still a vibrant community of companies sharing best practices with each other. On top, we now offer a broad range of data quality services, all centered around sharing knowledge and better data with our partners and customers. Very naturally, "Sharing Data Excellence" evolved as the perfect claim for us, and the “Share” symbol known in all Social Media inspired our logo."

Dr. Dimitrios Gizanis
Chief Executive Officer

So, with us, you can now go "cherry picking" year-round, using CDQ services to find the best data out there for you.

  • Sharing Data Excellence: We help companies manage their data as an important asset, an essential capability in the data-driven economy.
  • Cherry Picking: Good data is out there – with us you can pluck it from public sources, or let peers share their hand-validated records with you 
  • Sharing knowledge: pick helpful case studies or best practices from our knowledge base, or connect with a CDQ data management expert. Go beyond the low-hanging fruit and design data management processes that ensure good data quality for the years to come

Whenever you now see some communication from us here at CDQ, please think of some beautiful cherry blossoms, and that Data Sharing is the best way to better data.

Your CDQ Team

Old CDQ logo (used until July 2019)

New CDQ logo (used since August 2019)

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