CDQ joins the Industrial Data Space Association to support collaborative data management


Industrial Data Space

CDQ recently joined the Industrial Data Space Association (IDSA), an initiative that was launched in Germany at the end of 2014 by representatives from business, politics, and research. The idea behind the Industrial Data Space is to provide virtual data spaces that support the secure exchange and simple linking of data in business ecosystems on the basis of standards and using collaborative governance models.

The Industrial Data Space is an initiative that is organized in two branches:

1) A research project named Industrial Data Space funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). It is of pre-competitive nature and aims at the development and pilot testing of a reference architecture model of the Industrial Data Space. The project is led by Prof. Dr. Boris Otto (Managing Director at Fraunhofer ISST and a member of the board of CDQ AG). Among the members of the project are twelve Fraunhofer institutes. The project was started on September 15th, 2015, and has a duration of 36 months.

2) A non-profit user association called Industrial Space Association, comprising more than 70 international companies and organizations. The main goal of the user association is to identify, analyze and evaluate the requirements of user companies to be met by the Industrial Data Space. Furthermore, the user association contributes to the development of the reference architecture model and promotes its standardization.

«Entering the Industrial Data Space Association was just a logical step for CDQ. Our organization spun off from the CC CDQ, which was established more than ten years ago by the Institute of Information Management of the University of St. Gallen. Since then we have assisted companies on their journey to digitalization and supported them in all activities of data management», says Dr. Dimitrios Gizanis, Managing Director of CDQ AG.

The data economy builds on the principle of sharing data both between individuals and between companies. “According to our recent CDQ Trend Study, sharing data in different forms of collaboration and exchanging data across the entire value chain (including suppliers, service providers, and customers) is one of the top priorities of companies today. With more data coming from outside the organization, traditional data management approaches that build on centralization quickly reach their limits. Companies need to develop collabo­rative data governance and clarify data exchange procedures, data ownership, and data usage rights across the entire ecosystem. Unfortunately, many companies are still too worried about losing control over their data. The Corporate Data League is a great example of how this scepticism and reluctance can be overcome. This is where the Industrial Data Space sets in: it is a virtual data space which guarantees data sovereignty and secure exchange of data assets,” says Prof. Dr. Christine Legner (HEC Lausanne), Head of the Competence Center Corporate Data Quality.

If you are interested in learning more about the Industrial Data Space, read the Industrial Data Space whitepaper (available in English and in German) or visit the Industrial Data Space website.

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