apsolut and CDQ Create Clean Sustainable Data Together


apsolut and CDQ Create Clean Sustainable Data Together

apsolut and CDQ are now taking the same paths together. With CDQ, apsolut gained a new partner who specializes in master data quality. Among CDQ customers are leading corporations like Bayer, BASF and Sartorius. In the case of Bayer, for example, CDQ supported the merger with Monsanto by integrating the customer and vendor master data of both companies. With the cloud-based solution from CDQ, the quality of more than 1.3 million data sets was significantly improved and 80,000 duplicates were removed in a record time of ten weeks.

From close cooperation with their customers, the experienced apsolut consultants know that redundancies in vendor master data often create a pain point. Information is often present twice, which leads to inefficiencies. Duplicates can be removed with the help of CDQ. Furthermore, the CDQ solution sustainably ensures consistently high Data Quality. This is done through continuous monitoring of existing information. Errors can be regularly corrected and enriched by data from external sources as necessary.

As a result, manual data cleansing efforts are minimized and the quality of the vendor data is significantly improved. This creates a stable basis for automated processes including the use of artificial intelligence in the robotic process automation (RPA) sector.

"Many companies who currently use SAP solutions are faced with the question of how their future procurement suite should look. When it comes to transformation projects to SAP Ariba or S/4HANA procurement, it especially makes sense to start with clean data and to ensure that the data quality stays at a high level; even beyond Go-Live. With CDQ, we have now gained a partner with whom we can show and guarantee our customers the way to clean data," said Thomas Herbst, Managing Director & Founder of the apsolut group.

"In our data-driven world, information grows and changes extremely quickly. How can one properly maintain data quality when 90% of all data was generated in the last two years? We believe that data sharing is the best way to better data. Therefore, we are very pleased to support the apsolut customers, both over the short term and long term, in more effectively solving their data quality problems and with much less manual effort," said Dr. Dimitrios Gizanis, CEO of CDQ AG.

Both companies are looking forward to a successful partnership

About apsolut

apsolut is a SAP & SAP Ariba partner for on-premise, cloud and hybrid procurement solutions. Our Expertise extends from SAP Ariba and SAP Fieldglass up to SAP S/4HANA enterprise management. Founded in the year 2005, we quickly made a name for ourselves as a pioneer in SAP-based eProcurement. We are a SAP Gold partner, highly awarded SAP Ariba MEE Partner of the Year and a SAP development and innovation partner.

About CDQ

Ever since the founding of CDQ, data quality stood at the forefront. This is reflected in the name "CDQ" (Corporate Data Quality). The DQaas provider has its corporate headquarters in St. Gallen and empowers global corporations throughout Europe to achieve their business goals with the help of innovative data management solutions.

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