Bad Data is Scary


Bad Data is Scary

Scary Stories from the World of Data Management

Halloween – the day where scary things happen! Also in data management: companies discover the quality of their data is frightening! They get tricked by fraudsters! They drive customers crazy with wrong information! They get lost in the fog because decisions are based on hazy data!

We've collected some scary real-life stories from the world of data management, and reveal a trick or two on how to avoid them. Enjoy the read – the treat is on us!

The Most Effective Way to Annoy Your Customers

If you call your customers by the wrong names, mistake their addresses, or accidentally contact them multiple times for the same purpose, you leave a long-lasting negative impression - one that could cost you your business permanently. Customer Data Quality

The Realities of Invoice Fraud Prevention

Fraud attempts with falsified account data are not only increasing but also becoming more and more elaborate. We show how companies can use swarm intelligence to mitigate the threat and reliably minimize it. Data sharing against invoice fraud

With Bad Vendor Data, Firms Lose Money

With poor data quality employees lose time, firms lose money, and relationships suffer. If your vendor master data is riddled with error, you'll lack a solid basis upon which to evaluate the performance of your supply chain. With Bad Vendor Data, Firms Lose Money

Tired of Bad Data Quality?

If you want to sustainably improve your customer and supplier master data quality or protect your company from invoice fraud with falsified bank accounts, we will be glad to help you.

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