Webinar: Vendor Master Data Management with Bayer

Bayer's Novel Approach to Automated Decision Making in Vendor Master Data Management

Date: April 28, 2021

Time: 16:00 CET

Speakers: Jens-Peter Henriksen, Jens Greiner (Bayer AG)

The proud winners of CDQs Good Practice Award 2020, Jens Peter Henriksen and Jens Greiner from Bayer AG, provide insights in their award-winning approach. Co-innovated with CDQ, the highly innovative framework drives process automation, powered by Knowledge Graph technology and connected data. Jens Peter and Jens will show highlights of the approach and share with the audience the expected and leveraged values this initiative brought to Bayer.

Join the webinar if you suffer from high data maintenance costs, low supplier data quality and want to learn how Bayer cuts costs significantly while maintaining a higher Vendor Master Data Quality than before.

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