Upcoming Webinar: Vendor Master Data Management with Bayer

Co-developed with CDQ, a highly innovative framework drives processautomation at Bayer, powered by Knowledge Graph technology and connected data. In their joint webinar on April 28, Jens Peter Henriksen and Jens Greiner will show highlights of the approach and share the expected and leveraged values this initiative brought to the company.
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Upcoming Webinar: Make Wrong Deliveries a Thing of the Past

Low-quality ship-to addresses cause additional costs for companies and frustrate supply chain managers around the world. CDQ has teamed up with Bisnode D&B to solve this pain. Attend our free webinar on May 20, and make wrong deliveries a thing of the past!
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Data Sharing Business Case Calculator

The shared maintenance of corporate master data not only saves time, but also a considerable amount of costs. How much bottom-line impact does that mean for your company? Find out now with our Data Sharing Calculator!
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Invoice Fraud Prevention

Invoice fraud attempts with falsified account data are not only increasing but also becoming more and more elaborate. We show how companies can use swarm intelligence to mitigate the threat and reliably minimize it.
Invoice Fraud Prevention

Data Quality Tools for Improving Business Partner Master Data

CDQ's cloud-based Data Quality Tools enable fast and reliable analyses, validation, cleansing and enrichment of your business partner master data. You can use our Data Quality as a Service (DQaaS) software platform via web applications or fully integrated with your ERP or CRM systems.
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Data Quality Solutions

CDQ's cloud-based Data Quality Solutions help you to improve your customer and supplier master data in three stages, saving time and money. Getting started is easy - many global companies already rely on it.
Data Quality Solutions

Data Sharing means better data quality with less manual effort

Shared quality rules, shared data sources and shared peer-validated records are three steps that allow you to approach data quality problems together with others, more effectively and with far less manual effort - because a problem shared is a problem halved!
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CDQ Recognized as Sample Vendor in Gartner Hype Cycle 2020

CDQ is honored to be recognized among three vendors in the Interenterprise MDM category in Gartner's Hype Cycle for Data and Analytics Governance and Master Data Management 2020. This is a big step for us!
CDQ in Gartner Hype Cycle

What is Data Sharing?

We believe that Data Sharing is the best way to better data quality. But how does the principle behind it work? And what are the benefits for participating companies? Our video provides the answers.
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Data Quality Services: Better Data With Data Sharing!

Share the Burden of Master Data Maintenance

Data changes too fast for anyone – 90% of all data was created in the last two years. The result: Too much data with bad quality. CDQ can help with innovative Data Quality Services.

Our Market: Data Quality Solutions

CDQ helps companies tackle their most complex data quality problems since 2006. We are specialists for business partner data – making sure you deliver to the right customer and pay the right vendor. Many global enterprises already rely on our data quality services and the number is constantly growing. Read more about CDQ

Our Offering: Data Quality as a Service (DQaaS)

With our cloud-based software platform, CDQ can provide "Data Quality as a Service" – your master data is monitored and updated continuously, using our Data Quality Tools software applications or fully integrated with your ERP or CRM systems. Schedule a demo

Our USP: Leveraging Data Sharing as the Best Way to Better Data

What makes our data quality services special? CDQ is the first company in the market to leverage Data Sharing as the best way to better data. Our customers share data quality rules, enrich their data from publicly shared sources, exchange hand-validated data records, and alert each other of data fraud. The result of collaborative master data management: Higher efficiency, shared efforts, better quality, less risks. Join the community

CDQ AG: Data Quality Services Since 2006

When CDQ (which stands for Corporate Data Quality) was formed, Data Quality was a nuisance. Now, master data quality is a strategic topic – how can you achieve success in AI, how can you automate transactions or gain better visibility into your operations if the underlying data quality is poor?

CDQ has built a deep track record in Data Quality Services since 2006. Here you can learn about CDQ and all the ways we are sharing data excellence.

Data Sharing Business Case Calculator

The collaborative maintenance of corporate master data saves not only time, but also around 30% of costs. How much savings will our data quality services bring to your business? Find out here!

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We are so committed to Data Sharing that we even designed our logo to show it!

About CDQ

Data Quality Solutions

Our innovative Data Quality Solutions deliver Data Quality as a Service (DQaaS) and help you to improve your customer and supplier master data in three stages, saving time and money. Getting started is easy! Improve your data quality now!

Data Quality Tools

CDQ's cloud-based Data Quality Tools enable fast and reliable analyses, validation and enrichment of your business partner master data. Request your personal demo now! Data Quality Tools for better business partner data

Data Sharing: Collaborative Master Data Maintenance

Data Sharing leads to higher master data quality while saving time and money. At the same time, our community members retain full control over data exchange within our secure cloud infrastructure. Learn more on Data Sharing

Data Management Webinars

In our free webinars, our experts, customers, and partners present current and interesting topics in master data management, data sharing, and data quality services. Join our webinars!
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