We have many years of experience in all areas of Data Management Consulting. As a trustworthy consultant, we accompany our customers both in the design and in the implementation phase of all data management projects.
Data Management Consulting

Shareconomy meets business partner data: Many well-known companies already share their customer and supplier data in the Corporate Data League. The impressive result: better data quality and less maintenance effort for all members.
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Data Shareconomy approach against corporate invoice fraud: The members of our Fraud Detection & Prevention Community share experiences and work together to develop new approaches to invoice fraud prevention in companies.
Invoice Fraud Prevention

You want to migrate to SAP S/4HANA or are already on it? With our Data Quality Package we improve your data to start the migration with excellent data quality.
S/4HANA Data Quality Package

Get ready for GDPR: Our Master Data Screening offers fast and uncomplicated help in identifying personal data in customer and vendor master data.
GDPR Master Data Screening

Are you interested in our publications? Choose from many different dissertations, case studies, whitepapers, books and work reports and simply send us your request.
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You want to learn more about data quality management? The CDQ Academy is a specific training, which recognizes the industry's urgent need for professional training in data and data quality management. Also included: networking, best practices and lots of fun!
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We are looking for different employees to strengthen our team! Become part of CDQ and help us transform our customers into the digital age with excellent services and software solutions.
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The SAP Business Partner Lookup App integrates directly into your S/4HANA MDG. Get complete and verified BP data records – saving your time and improving the data quality of your business. All data is validated by several multinational companies.
SAP Business Partner Lookup

Our brand new Data Quality Checker allows you to quickly and easily evaluate the quality of your business partner data. Our tool can be used immediately after a quick registration process and without separate activation; currently 100% free!
Data Quality Checker

CDQ AG - Your Data Management Experts

We are one of the leading organizations providing data management consulting, solutions and training services in the area of corporate data quality management in Germany, Switzerland, Austria & Europe. Our Competence Center Corporate Data Quality (CC CDQ) is our vehicle to bring innovation and research results to thought leaders in top 500 companies. Profound methodologies are validated and modeled into a successful toolbox for the practice that pave the way for our customers to master their transformation into the digital age.

Our software solutions support data management leaders to efficiently establish, optimize and monitor data management, and to improve the quality of business partner data based on the shared wisdom of the crowd. In addition, we offer an official training program (CDQ Academy) and in-house trainings in corporate data quality management that support you as an employee to serve your company’s data strategy. More about Corporate Data Quality

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CDQ supports Swiss government to develop a strategy for common data management

CDQ consultants supported the Swiss government in developing the new «common strategy for master data management at the federal level in Switzerland» which was approved by the federal council in December 2018. The strategy makes federal processes more efficient for citizens, companies and public authorities.


CDL sets its sights on APAC countries in 2019

To build upon the success of 2018, the CDL (a unique network of global companies for common maintenance of business partner data) aspires to achieve even more through automation, while also looking to Asia for continued growth and efficiency gains...


CDQ Business Partner Lookup offers data enrichment in the SAP S/4HANA Cloud

CDQ Cloud Services are now available in the SAP App Center. The CDQ Business Partner Lookup app makes data integration simple when using the SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Data Enrichment.


Easy access to Dun & Bradstreet data pool for Corporate Data League members

CDQ AG has teamed up with Bisnode D&B to provide the CDL with access to the world's largest commercial database for business information. Both companies look forward to a successful partnership


Shareconomy for better data quality

Now the Shareconomy has also reached the area of business partner data.



#64 CC CDQ Workshop in Hamburg

08. - 09.05.2019
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CDQ Academy - Data Architecture, Life-Cycle and Applications (M3)

Module 3 of the CDQ Academy Data Management Training

14. - 15.05.2019
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CDQ Academy - Data Excellence for Business Value (M1)

Module 1 of the CDQ Academy Data Management Training

08. - 09.10.2019
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Master Data erfolgreich managen

EFQM Framework for Corporate Data Quality Management (Framework / 2016)

Corporate Data Quality: Voraussetzung erfolgreicher Geschäftsmodelle (Buch / 2016)

Corporate Data Quality: Prerequisite for Successful Business Models (Book / 2015)

CDQ Trend Study: Where data management is heading (Study / 2017)

CDQ: Corporate Data Management & Data Quality Management Experts

The name CDQ stands for "Corporate Data Quality": We are the leading authority for innovative data management and data quality management solutions and have been working on the data quality of company's (master) data (MDM) for more than ten years now. And that not only in Switzerland: Our customers are located in Germany, Austria and the whole of Europe. Our company, founded in 2006, offers all data management services from a single source. Data quality is necessary for a number of strategic business requirements. High-quality data, for example, enables digitization initiatives, helps to improve business process efficiency and reduces compliance risks. CDQ provides effective advice on all aspect of corporate data quality management. We offer an expert community as well as consulting, data management research and cloud services.

Data Management Consulting Services

We have many years of experience in the area of Data Management Consulting. This is proven by more than 180 successful projects for large, internationally active companies. As a trustworthy consultant, we accompany our customers during both the design and implementation phases of all data management projects. Whether we implement a new data governance organization, clean up your business partner data, or train the next generation of data managers, our focus is always on creating business value.

The CC CDQ: Data management solutions based on academic research

The Competence Center Corporate Data Quality is the expert community for master data management (MDM) and data quality management. The research outcomes of the CC CDQ are the result of co-innovation by research institutions and companies. The cooperating companies jointly prioritize the data management research topics, regularly exchange information with the researchers and jointly work with other data management experts within the CC CDQ community to develop innovative data management solutions.

The Corporate Data League (CDL): "Share Economy" for Customer and Supplier Master Data

The Corporate Data League, or CDL for short, is a unique network of global corporations for the joint maintenance of business partner master data, such as tax numbers, legal entity identifiers and other data. The companies jointly take care of the creation and maintenance of their customer and supplier data - and thus spread the work over many shoulders. At the same time, the data quality is massively improved, e.g. through more than 300 jointly defined data quality rules or the integration of more than 40 external, trustworthy data sources. Through the innovative data cooperation, fraud attempts with counterfeit bank accounts can also be reliably avoided. A common blacklist and a sophisticated rating system protect the CDL members from scamming attacks. Companies that want to protect themselves effectively against invoice fraud can become members of our Fraud Detection & Prevention Community.

One of our further focal points is the improvement of data quality prior to ERP migration, for example before switching to SAP S/4HANA. To this purpose, we offer innovative solutions using data enrichment, data validation and data curation, such as our S/4HANA Data Quality Package.

CDQ Academy: Your Data Management Training

The CDQ Academy Data Management Training was established to provide professional courses in the area of data management and data quality management. This specialized program has been built in response to the widespread need for practical data management education. Since 2013, more than 400 participants have benefited from the data quality management expertise of CDQ and the Institute of Information Management of the University of St. Gallen.

Data Quality Checker: Reliable Online Tool for Measuring Data Quality

The CDQ Data Quality Checker as part of the Data Quality Tools is a quick and reliable online application for evaluating the data quality of your business partner master data, such as company names, tax ID numbers or legal structures. Our software gives you an overview of your customer and supplier data quality in just a few minutes. You can use the data analysis tool immediately after a short registration free of charge.

Innovative Cloud Services for better data quality

The innovative CDQ Cloud Engine service platform provides the basis for various services related to data quality management. Our system is based on more than 300 quality rules, over 36 million data records and around 80 trusted external data sources. The Cloud Engine is constantly being enhanced and supports our data management experts in address cleansing, duplicate recognition, data validation, data enrichment and many more. The platform provides services via a web API and can be integrated into modern application systems of all manufacturers.

CDQ Business Partner Data Lookup: Simple and comfortable data enrichment for SAP S/4HANA MDG

SAP App CenterThe CDQ Business Partner Data Lookup app helps you to easily retrieve validated global business partner data in SAP MDG. Get complete and verified records of your customers or vendors through data enrichment – saving time and improving the data quality of your business. Our app integrates directly into your S/4HANA MDG and sustainably simplifies your data maintenance.

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