Collaboratively maintain a pool of business partner data in order to reduce costs

The Corporate Data League (CDL) is offering three industry specific workshops.

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Corporate Data Quality - The Book

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The White Paper "Business and Data Management Capabilities for the Digital Economy" summarises the core technical, economic and society related trends that shape the ‘digital economy’. Current state-of-the-art technology regarding necessary changes in data management condenses this knowledge onto a data management capability map. This map can highlight potential consequences of IT in modern businesses.

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We are one of the leading organizations providing management consulting, solutions and training services in the area of corporate data quality management.
Our competence center Corporate Data Quality (CC CDQ) is our vehicle to bring innovation and research results to thought leaders in top 100 companies. Profound methodologies are validated and modeled into a successful toolbox for the practice that pave the way for our customers to master their transformation into the digital age.
Our software solutions support Master Data Management Leaders to efficiently establish, optimize and monitor master data management, and to improve the quality of business partner data based on the shared wisdom of the crowd.
In addition, we offer an official training program (CDQ Academy) and in-house trainings in corporate data quality management that support you as an employee to serve your company’s data strategy.

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Defining forty-five data domains, Schaeffler extends data management from master data to all other types of corporate data

In 2016, Schaeffler won the CDQ Good Practice Award for pursuing a consistent data management strategy.


“Corporate WHAT???“ – What the Corporate Data League is all about

You might have read about the Corporate Data League already in one of our previous newsletters, or on Xing, LinkedIn, or Twitter, or heard about it in one of the CC CDQ Workshops. But did you really understand what the CDL is all about? Here is some basic information on the Corporate Data League …  
First of all – we are not talking about a data LEAK, but a data LEAGUE, which is made up of companies that want to collaborate in data management and improve data quality in a joint effort. Sounds good? Well, then … keep on reading 


Corporate Data League (CDL) to host three industry specific workshops

Industries targeted by the workshops are automotive, pharmaceuticals/chemistry, and consumer goods/retail. Workshops will be hosted by current membes of the Corporate Data League, (e.g. Bosch, Bayer and Nestlé).


What are the valuation approaches to MDM?

Marcus Evans interviewed Hannes Schmidt regarding the valuation approaches to MDM. 


BASF and Robert Bosch join the Corporate Data League (CDL)

The management of business partner data is heavily redundant: Many companies manage data (e.g. country names and codes, bill-to / ship-to / ordering addresses, or tax numbers) of the same customers and vendors. For this reason, BASF Schweiz AG and Robert Bosch GmbH joined the Corporate Data League (CDL), the trusted network of user companies for sharing corporate data.



Consumer Goods & Retail Industry Workshop - Corporate Data League (Munich)

This CDL workshop is hosted by Emmi and Nestlé.

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Pharma & Chemistry Industry Workshop - Corporate Data League (Cologne)

This CDL workshop is hosted by LANXESS and Bayer.

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Master Data erfolgreich managen

Business and Data Management Capabilities for the Digital Economy

White Paper

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Framework for Corporate Data Quality Management

This document describes the Framework for Corporate Data Quality Management (CDQM).

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Datenqualitäts-management in der Finanzindustrie

White Paper

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Turning information and data quality into sustainable business value

White Paper

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