Data Sharing: Webinar with Scott Taylor (The Data Whisperer)

In their joint webinar, Scott Taylor and Kai Hüner explain what is meant by data sharing in the context of corporate data management, how data sharing works for customer and supplier master data, and the resulting benefits for companies.
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Data Management Services

Better data with less manual work: Our innovative Data Management Services help you to enhance the quality of your vendor & customer master data. Whether data quality analytics, address validation, deduplication or bank account verification: Our services offer a wide range of business capabilities around data quality management.
Our Data Management Services

Data Quality as a Service (DQaaS)

It's been called "the oil of the twenty-first century," likened to a new currency, or said to now be worth more than tangible assets like real estate or inventory. But the true value of business data is notoriously difficult to pin down. Read here how Data Quality as a Service (DQaaS) can boost the value of your most critical asset.
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Data Management Cost Reduction Calculator

Benefit now from the Data Shareconomy and reduce your IT costs! With our interactive calculator, you can easily and quickly determine the cost reduction potential for your company by using our data management services!
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Presenting our virtual employee DQR-1297

Meet our virtual employee DQR-1297 of our international AI team of data quality rules: Its main task is to identify invalid legal forms from customer and vendor organizations within all data sets. The real challenge is remembering all valid legal forms around the globe.
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CDQ Data Sharing Community

“Shareconomy” for Customer and Supplier Data: The Data Sharing Community is a unique network where companies can share quality rules and best data with each other or enrich their own data with public sources, all in a secure and highly scalable cloud environment.
Data sharing community for better data quality

Data Sharing means better data quality with less manual effort

Shared quality rules, shared data sources and shared peer-validated records are three steps that allow you to approach data quality problems together with others, more effectively and with far less manual effort - because a problem shared is a problem halved!
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Data Strategy

A data strategy defines how a company will manage and use its data to generate value. We explain how to build an adequate strategy, why it is essential, and the benefits for data management in companies.
Data strategy in data management

360° Business Partner View

A 360° Business Partner View is a must when you want to migrate to S/4HANA. Matching enables you to build a common sight on customer and vendor data. Additionally, you will gain valuable insights over your business partners and remove duplicates.
Creating a 360° View of Your Business Partner

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Data Quality Services: Better Data With Data Sharing!

Share the Burden of Business Partner Master Data Maintenance

Data changes too fast for anyone – 90% of all data was created in the last two years. Share the burden of your customer and vendor data maintenance! CDQ has successfully built data sharing communities for several years now. Our Customers share their Data Quality Rules, jointly access public sources with quality data, and they share validated records with each other; all through a secure and highly scalable cloud-based software platform. And besides, we offer our members also Invoice Fraud Prevention, which is becoming increasingly important for businesses.

We believe data sharing is the best way to improve the quality of your master data! Sharing the combination of smart rules, data from public sources, peer-validated records and knowledge allows for unmatched quality, while the effort is shared among all peers. We are so committed to sharing that we even designed our logo to show it (just turn it by 90° to see)!

Join the CDQ Data Sharing Community (former Corporate Data League, CDL) because a problem shared is a problem halved! More on Data Sharing

CDQ AG: Data Quality Services since 2006

When CDQ (which stands for Corporate Data Quality) was formed, Data Quality was a nuisance. Now, master data quality is a strategic topic – how can you achieve success in AI, how can you automate transactions or gain better visibility into your operations if the underlying data quality is poor?

CDQ has built a deep track record in data quality services over the years, sharing data excellence and knowledge with customers in several ways:

Do you want to learn about the people behind the CDQ data quality services or maybe even join us? Meet the team! More on CDQ AG




Free Webinar Series: How to Manage Data as an Asset

Our webinar series summarizes good practices and research results in data management of the Competence Center Corporate Data Quality (CC CDQ). Topics are data strategy, data catalogs and the Data Excellence Model.


A Different Kind of Data Sharing

In his current guest article, Scott Taylor (The Data Whisperer) explains what is meant by data sharing in the area of corporate master data and the advantages for participating companies.


Webinar: Why Use Data Sharing for Better Customer & Supplier Master Data

The recording of the webinar on May 27th with Scott Taylor (The Data Whisperer) and Kai Hüner (CDQ) is now available. Watch it here right now!


Join Scott Taylor in his LinkedIn Live Broadcast!

Please join this special LinkedIn Live Broadcast with Scott Taylor The Data Whisperer and his guest Kai Hüner, CTO of CDQ, on 20th of May 2020.


Data Sharing Community Continues Working as Virtual Community!

During this time of uncertainty, all of us are concerned about the safety and well-being of our families, colleagues, customers, partners and members of the Data Sharing community. Therefor, we continue our working schedule remotely. 



Webinar: Successful SAP Ariba and SAP S/4HANA transformation with CDQ's clean data approach (together with apsolut)

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Virtual Data Sharing Community Summer Schedule

May - August 2020
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CDQ Academy - Data Architecture, Life-Cycle and Applications (M3)

Module 3 of the CDQ Academy Data Management Training

September 1-3, 2020
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Data Sharing Community Workshop

September 17-18, 2020
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CDQ Academy - Data Excellence for Business Value (M1)

Module 1 of the CDQ Academy Data Management Training

November 3-4, 2020
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Data Documentation for Data Catalogs: Metadata model and attributes (Work report, 2020)

Data Excellence Model Template (2019)

Managing Data as an Asset with the Help of Artificial Intelligence (Study, 2019)

Assessing the Economic Value of Data Assets (Work Report, 2016)

Leading enterprises rely on our data quality services

Many well-known, international companies and corporations already rely on our innovative master data sharing and data management services to improve their business partner data quality. Read here what our customers say about us and become a part of our success story! Our customers

Data Management Services

Whether data quality analytics, address validation, deduplication or bank account verification: Our innovative data management services help you to enhance the quality of your vendor and customer master data. Data Management Services

Data Management Solutions (MDM Solutions)

For the data maintenance of your customer and vendor data, we provide smart and ready-to-go master data management solutions that help you to cleanse the data not only once but to keep it right in the long term. Data Management Solutions (MDM Solutions)

Success Story: Data Management at Schaeffler Group

In an article recently published in the specialist magazine "Big Data Insider", Markus Rahm provides insights into data management at Schaeffler. And how it has evolved with the help of CDQ. Data Management at the Schaeffler Group

Data Maintenance Cost Reduction Calculator

Benefit now from the Data Shareconomy and reduce your IT costs! Calculate here fast and easily the potential cost reduction for your company by using our data management services! Calculate your cost reduction potential now!
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