About CDQ

We excel at managing business data.

Headquartered in St. Gallen, Switzerland, CDQ is the leading authority for innovative data management solutions.

Our purpose. 
It’s our sole mission to help our customers achieve significant improvements in the quality and management of their corporate data. We also provide reliable solutions as a strategic resource for the future of their business.

Our people.
Our employees bear a vast amount of expertise when it comes to data management. We can advise our clients on all strategic, organisational and technical issues during the transition process towards a data-centric business. 

Our customers.
Working alongside global and large enterprises, we support our customers with proven solutions in managing business data to enable a company in reaching its true potential. We work with our clients to achieve results on long as well as short term bases.

Our history.
Our roots stem back over 20 years where at the University of St. Gallen, Prof. Dr. em. Hubert Österle laid the foundations of data management at the Institute of Information Management. Today, CDQ is one of the leading authorities for innovative data solutions.

Supervisory Board

  • Dr. Sebastian Muschter

    President of the supervisory board

  • Dr. Dimitrios Gizanis

    Chief Executive Officer & Board Member

  • Prof. Christine Legner

    Member of the Supervisory Board 

  • Prof. Dr. Boris Otto

    Member of the Supervisory Board

  • Prof. Dr. Hubert Österle

    Member of the Supervisory Board 

  • Thomas Zerndt

    Member of the Supervisory Board

  • Executive Board

  • Dr. Dimitrios Gizanis

    Chief Executive Officer & Board Member

  • Dr. Kai Hüner

    Chief Technology Officer & Board Member

  • Partner

  • Dr. Peter Mayer


  • Jan Oliver Reh


  • Hannes Schmidt


  • Expert Team

  • Piotr Biernat

    Team Lead Poland

  • Erwin Braumandl

    Senior Consultant

  • Wolfgang Dietrich

    Senior Consultant

  • Dr. Markus Eurich

    Head of Knowledge Management

  • Till Farag

    Finance Director

  • Leonie Frank

    Senior Consultant

  • Astrid Gelbke

    Senior Consultant

  • David Giesinger

    Senior Consultant

  • Matthias Grunert

    Senior Consultant

  • Joanna Grzemiszka

    Team Assistant

  • Maria Hameister

    Marketing & Communications Manager

  • Oliver Jung

    Online Marketing Manager

  • Sebastian Kaczmarski

    Customer Service Manager

  • Christian Käsler

    Senior Consultant

  • Dr. Zbigniew Korendo

    Senior Consultant

  • Marek Luksik

    Senior Consultant

  • Cristian Molinaro


  • Michal Malinka

    Senior Software Developer

  • Dr. Martin Ofner

    Head of Software Development and Operations

  • Tobias Pentek

    Head of Community & Innovation

  • Patrizia Pesce

    Senior Consultant

  • Iryna Redka

    Data Analyst

  • Dr. Simon Schlosser

    Head of Product

  • Björn Schweiger

    Senior Consultant

  • Frank Siegler

    Head of Sales Cloud and Data Services

  • Marc Simonis

    Senior Consultant

  • Piotr Sobczak

    Software Developer

  • Krystian Sola

    Senior Software Developer

  • Tomasz Skalniak

    Dev Process and Support Lead

  • Kevin Straub

    Consulting Manager

  • Arist von Perbandt

    Senior Consultant

  • Bernd Wiesing

    Senior Consultant

  • Eva Weller

    Event & Community Manager

  • Dr. Ulrich Wiesweg

    Senior Consultant

  • info@cdq.ch
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