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CDQ AG: Data Quality Specialists since 2006

When CDQ was formed in 2006, data quality was an after-thought. Today, data quality is a strategic topic. More and more companies realize: how can you succeed in AI, how can you automate transactions or gain better visibility into your operations if the quality of your underlying data is poor?

CDQ has always focused on data quality, since its beginnings as a research consortium spun off from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. The name “CDQ” stands for Corporate Data Quality, and big multinational corporations rely on our proven software, services and methods to get better data. For this, CDQ experts are based in Germany, Poland and Switzerland.

CDQ - Sharing Data Excellence

In our data-driven world, data grows and changes too fast for anyone. How can you maintain data quality when 90% of all data was created in the last two years? We believe: Sharing is the best way to better data. CDQ allows companies to share best practices with each other and strive towards data excellence together. Our broad range of data quality services all center around sharing knowledge and better data with our partners and customers.

Very naturally, "Sharing Data Excellence" evolved as our claim, describing all our offerings:

CDQ Data Sharing Solutions

Sharing is the best way to better data! 100% transparency on your data quality, automated improvement of your customer and vendor data – we give you “Data Quality as a Service” through our cloud-based data sharing platform. Shared quality rules, shared data sources and shared peer-validated records allow you to approach data quality problems together with others, more effectively and with far less manual effort than trying it alone.  Data Sharing Solutions

Competence Center Corporate Data Quality

The Competence Center Corporate Data Quality (CC CDQ) is a unique network of data management specialists, bringing together professionals from 20 European companies with our research team. This community has been active for more than 10 years and continues to develop concepts, tools and methods for leading-edge data management. Competence Center Corporate Data Quality

CDQ Consulting: Data Management Experts

Many customers work directly with our data management specialists, and let them help in design or implementation of data management processes in their companies. Our experts build on the know-how developed in the CC CDQ make it work in complex organizational settings. We are the leading consulting firm in data management in Europe, and we support our customers along their entire journeys towards data excellence. Data Management Consulting

CDQ Academy: Data Management Training

The CDQ Academy provides practical training to professionals specializing in data management, data governance and data quality. Since 2013, more than 400 participants have benefited from CDQ’s data management expertise, joined our community of data professionals, and implemented the CDQ ideas and concepts in their home companies. More about the CDQ Academy

Meet the people behind CDQ


  • Dr. Dimitrios Gizanis

    Chief Executive Officer & Board Member

  • Dr. Kai Hüner

    Chief Technology Officer & Board Member

  • Till Farag

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Supervisory Board

  • Dr. Sebastian Muschter

    President of the Supervisory Board

  • Dr. Dimitrios Gizanis

    Chief Executive Officer & Board Member

  • Prof. Christine Legner

    Member of the Supervisory Board 

  • Prof. Dr. Boris Otto

    Member of the Supervisory Board

  • Prof. Dr. Hubert Österle

    Member of the Supervisory Board 

  • Thomas Zerndt

    Member of the Supervisory Board

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