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Your Data Management Consultants for Germany, Switzerland, Austria & Europe

Our consultants have many years of experience in all areas of data quality and data management consulting. This is proven by more than 180 successful projects for large, internationally active companies. As a trustworthy consultant, we accompany our customers both in the design and in the implementation phase of all data management projects.

Whether we implement a new data governance concept, clean up your business partner data, or train the next generation of data managers, our focus is always on creating business value.

Data management capabilities are a key factor for business success

The need for effective data management capabilities is growing. As a key resource, high-quality data enables digitization initiatives, helps to improve business process efficiency and reduces compliance risks. To achieve these objectives, data needs to be managed like a true strategic asset. For most firms, this requires a mindset change and organizational transformation. CDQ can provide valuable support on both of these fronts. Our data management consulting advises leading firms on their journey towards a truly data-driven company.

Whether Hamburg, Munich, Zurich or Vienna: We are your reliable data management consultants for Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the whole of Europe.

We have many years of experience in the areas of data and data quality management consulting. This is proven by more than 180 successful projects for large, globally active corporations.

Our customers value us as a reliable partner in the field of data management consulting. We accompany them as a trusted advisor in both the design and implementation phase.

Regardless of whether we implement a new governance organization, clean-up your business partner data or train the next generation of data managers, our focus is on creating business value.


CDQ - your partner for all aspects of data management in Germany, Switzerland, Austria & Europe

CDQ's data management consulting & data quality management consulting services deliver impact and create business value

  • Business Impact
    We enable digitization initiatives, improve business process efficiency and reduce compliance risks through effective data management.
  • Data Impact
    We clean up, de-duplicate and enrich your business partner data based on our cutting-edge data quality services.
  • People Impact
    We train the next generation of Chief Data Officers and Data Managers based on CDQ’s Data Excellence Model.
  • Knowledge Impact
    We run a network of firms that exchange data management best practices and drive innovation together with the University of Lausanne.

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If your data needs to support digital initiatives, process efficiency or regulatory compliance, our consulting helps you define the right data management strategy to support your business goals.

If poor data quality limits your analytics department's ambition or creates unnecessary costs and risks in your business processes, CDQ can help you define the right data quality management approach and support data cleaning.

If you need to define data management roles and responsibilities, CDQ can help you design and implement the right data governance – for both central and decentral data management activities. If your data creation and maintenance activities produce inconsistent data of poor quality, we also support the definition of guidelines to govern your data effectively across organizational units and systems.

If you need to design or optimize the data flows across your IT-systems (e.g. CRM, ERP, MDM), CDQ develops the required data models and lifecycles to ensure that you have the right data in the right place.

If you want to identify duplicates in your business partner data, validate postal addresses or enrich geo coordinates, CDQ can help you clean and enrich your data based on our state-of-the-art data quality services.


CDQ stands out from other data management consulting services

Data Management Expertise

  • Our methods are backed up by scientific research and have delivered tangible results in more than 180 projects with leading firms.
  • In sum, our data management consultants have more than 450 years of experience.

Design & Delivery

  • We don't just design governance frameworks or data quality KPIs, we also implement them.
  • Our lasting client relation-ships show that we know how to get things done in complex organizations.


  • Building up or transforming an effective data management function requires a lot of communication and change management.
  • Our experts possess the credibility to drive this change at all levels of the organization.

Speed & Reliability

  • We know what works and what doesn't. As a consequence, we can speed your data management initiative.
  • CDQ is a reliable partner from the initial scoping all the way to implementation.

Here is what our customers say about CDQ's Data Management Consulting:

Customer testimonies

Timo Neumann, ZF Friedrichshafen

"As a trustworthy and reliable partner, CDQ did an excellent job to support the development and implementation of our master data management strategy."

Timo Neumann, Head of Master Data Governance at ZF Friedrichshafen AG
Eva Schultze, Dräger AG

"CDQ has supported us with excellent expertise to build up our Global Master Data Management organization. We also appreciate the active exchange at the Competence Center."

Eva Schultze, Head of Global Master Data Management at Dräger AG
Markus Rahm, Schaeffler Technologies

"CDQ supported us on our data management journey since 2014. Their framework and methods helped us to enable our global organization in handling data, as one of our most valuable assets."

Markus Rahm, Vice President Corporate Data Management at Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG

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