Customer & Vendor Master Data Management Services: Better Data With Less Manual Work

Our Data Management Services at a Glance:

  1. Data Management Services for Data Quality Improvments
  2. Data Management Services for Data Quality Automation
  3. Data Management Services for Business Insights
  4. Data Management Services for Risk Mitigation

CDQ's innovative Data Management Services help you to enhance the quality of your vendor and customer master data. Whether data quality analytics, address validation, deduplication or bank account verification: Our DQaaS services offer a wide range of business capabilities around data quality management.

Our cloud-based software applications enable automated and integrated data management, saving not only manual work but also time and money. For instance, business partners can be found and imported directly into SAP S/4HANA or SAP MDG. Do you have questions, need support or would you like to try out our MDM solutions? We are gladly at your disposal.

CDQ Data Management Services

  •  Get better customer & vendor master data
  •  Data cleansing, enrichment & deduplication
  •  Less manual maintenance
  •  Automated DQaaS workflows
  •  180+ Mio. data pool records
  •  1500+ data quality rules
  •   60+ external data sources

Ready-To-Use Data Quality Improvements Online or for Integration into Existing Workflows

CDQ's Data Management Services improve the Data Quality of customer and vendor data immediately. Simply start with the online apps and later integrate everything via API into existing workflows in your ERP or CRM system.

  • Address Verification

    Verify customer and supplier address data with batch or API address verification.

  • Deduplication

    Detect and eliminate duplicate datasets that waste money and obstruct transparency.

  • Managed Data Quality Metrics

    Reduce costs of managing data quality rules for global customer and vendor data.

  • Legal Entity Data Management

    Verify legal entity names, -types, -addresses and VAT numbers as workflow or batch.

  • VAT Validation

    Verification of name, address, and tax number by authority services.

Address Verification: Clean and Standardized Global Addresses of Customers and Vendors

Outdated, incorrect, incomplete address data of your customers and vendors causes delivery failures, unhappy customers, frustrated vendors and increased operational costs. We meet this problem with our data management services.

CDQ's Global Address Verification services cleanse and enrich supplier and customer addresses for 250+ countries as a batch or API solution to ensure only valid addresses (bill-to, shipping, legal, and others) are used in your ERP and CRM systems.

  • Cloud services to immediately improve your data quality anytime with minimal effort
  • Access a reliable service with proven parsing algorithm, continuous performance improvements and usage of 60+ sources for reference data
  • Correct and standardize international addresses by adding missing data such as zip codes or city and assuring the authorized format of the national postal service

Deduplication and Matching Service: Save Money and Gain Transparency by Removing Duplicates

Datasets full of duplicates can't be trusted and cost money. To gain back transparency, data duplicates must be removed. Use the CDQ’s Deduplication Service app available online or connect our API to your systems to easily identify and remove duplicates. The algorithm based matching approach is highly flexible and makes use of comprehensive knowledge on country specifics.

  • Machine learning technology is used to calculate a perfect matching score
  • A "golden record" to keep, as the most complete record, will be suggested
  • Different ERP and CRM systems can be used as data source for this analysis for small or large data sets with over 1 Mio. records

Managed Data Quality Metrics - Verified Leading-Edge KPIs and Metrics of Customer and Supplier Data

Validation rules are required to ensure and measure data quality. For customer and vendor data a huge number of country specific Data Quality Rules must be identified, implemented and maintained. For some data quality analytics also external reference data must be integrated.

CDQ's Data Quality Metrics Service provides standardized and state-of-the art KPIs and metrics of your customer business partner data:

  • Our data management services provide over 1500 up-to-date proven data quality rules for global operating companies
  • New validation rules are added continuously based on requirements provide by other user companies
  • All data quality rules are executed within one interface, in real-time, and auditor approved

Legal Entity Data Management – Self-Service Accurate Legal Company Information

Incorrect legal names, registered addresses, legal entity types, tax numbers or VAT IDs have a direct negative financial impact, but manual data maintenance consumes resources. Even if this activity is outsourced to shared service centers, manual data maintenance remains very error prone. The possible automation, e.g. by integrating reference data, is very laborious because different sources per country must be considered.

CDQ's Legal Entity Data Management uses an up-to-date data base of 2500+ documented legal forms and their standardized abbreviations. The data management service verifies and enriches legal entity data using 60+ reference data sources. It can be integrated in workflows to work in real-time for single records or can be used for batch processing jobs via API or via Apps online:

  • Correct legal business names and legal forms
  • Accurate registered address data and complete tax numbers or VAT IDs
  • Integrated in workflows or batch processing via API or cloud apps

VAT Validation - Create and Maintain Master Data Records with Accurate Tax IDs

Companies in the European Union are required by law to check the VAT number of any business partner within the EU. Companies without automated integrations with the tax authorities check the VAT registration data manually. Often they call the tax authorities up to 20 times a day for qualifying VAT numbers. Our data management services make this manual work obsolete.

CDQ's VAT Validation Service is based on European VAT Information Exchange System (VIES) and several other commercial registers as for example UK companies house or the Swiss commercial register.

  • Indicates wrong VAT numbers based on company name and address
  • Validation works by batch or within the workflow through API integration
  • Company name and company address are also verified

Data Quality Automation to Achieve First-Time-Right and Zero-Maintenance

Automation helps to reduce manual efforts and human mistakes. CDQ's Data Management Services stand for better data quality and a journey to zero-maintenance of customer and vendor data. Furthermore, the automation of data management processes also helps to create meaningful reports and dashboards on corporate data quality.

  • Data Quality Dashboards

    Ready-to-use data quality reporting on customer & vendor data for stakeholders.

  • Automated Data Management

    Accurate address, legal data, tax numbers and bank accounts within existing workflows.

  • Automated Master Data Update

    Zero-Maintenance through automatic updates of changes in customer and vendor data.

  • Business Partner Data Pool

    Automated customer and vendor data management. Better data with less effort.

  • SAP Business Partner Lookup

    Verify customer and supplier address data with batch or API address verification.

Data Quality Dashboards and Reports – to Easily Monitor the Quality of Customer and Vendor Data

Artificial Intelligence, processes and decisions strongly depend on the quality of data. Having a clear overview of the data quality is a must. But measuring the data quality of business partners for the different dimensions is complex. The different national requirements lead to a high number of Data Quality Rules and very demanding reporting.

CDQ's Data Quality Dashboard and Reports help to monitor continuously the data quality of customer and vendor data. These metrics enable data stewards and business users to address the root cause for poor data quality immediately.

  • Ready-to-use clear data quality reporting on different detail levels from management summary by email to comprehensive reports on record level in Excel
  • No costs and efforts for data quality reporting tools and operations
  • Continuous improvement and innovations of metrics, analytics, reports and dashboards

Automated Data Management for Customer and Vendor Data – Reducing Costs and Improving Quality

Data maintenance of customer and supplier data is costly and error prone. Data maintainers in shared service centers struggle to know correct data formats and to copy information correctly. Wrong data entries in form of duplicates, incorrect or missing information cause inefficient processes, high costs and can lead to wrong management decisions.

CDQ's Automated Data Management for customer and supplier data ensures audit-proof data quality. With this data management service, data is correctly entered from start:

  • Data entries are validated within the existing workflows through API integration
  • Corrections for defective data records are suggested
  • Considers legal data, address data, tax information and bank account numbers

Automated Master Data Updates - for Changed Business Partner Data

The quality of customer and vendor data decreases, even if the data is not touched at all. Business partner data changes frequently due to address changes, insolvencies as well as mergers and acquisitions.

Keeping all data up-to-date manually is complex and high effort on a global scale. CDQ's Automated Master Data Update Service informs proactively about changes in your customer and vendor data records.

  • Zero-Maintenance - Significant less data maintenance efforts. No longer researching and updating data manually. Just approving the data updates
  • Our data management services provide ready-to-use master data updates. No need for mapping or matching. Updates are linked directly to records
  • Frequency and details of received updates for customer and vendor data is selectable

Business Partner Data Pool – Zero Maintenance, First-Time Right and Golden Records

Manual data entry is error-prone and boring. Research to find up-to-date information to complete or verify customer or vendor data is time consuming. Identifying and technically integrating trusted information sources per country on a global scale is complex and a continuous IT effort.

The CDQ's Business Partner Data Pool provides data from 60+ external open and premium data sources. Premium data from commercial data brokers such as Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) and shard data from the CDQ Data Sharing Community can be accessed by one single interface through online apps or API integration.

  • Golden Records, consolidating “best” data from all available sources, are available
  • First-Time-Right: Our datamanagement services ensure correct data at first data entry
  • Zero-Maintenance: Copy validated data instead of manual data entry

Get up-to-date and complete business partner data, integrated with your SAP S/4HANA

The CDQ Business Partner Data Lookup app integrates directly into your SAP S/4HANA MDG. Whenever you must create or maintain a customer or vendor, you can search and import the existing information of this business partner. All data is validated by several multinational companies.

SAP Business Partner Lookup

Simultaneously searching multiple external sources, finding up-to-date and complete business partner data as well as transferring the appropriate record to one's own system with a single click—this is how many MDG users envision the ideal process for creating customer and vendor data. So far, this was only possible, if at all, with extensive individual integration effort.

The CDQ Business Partner Data Lookup App for SAP S4/HANA now offers a simple and flexible solution via the S/4HANA Cloud for Data Enrichment:

  • Copying complete and verified master data records – which is saving time and improves the data quality
  • Access to this data without any additional integration effort when using the SAP Business Partner Lookup

Data Management Services for Business Insights

Data quality also means to comply to given standard defined by local laws and requirements. It is a challenge to have a complete up-to-date overview of these standards on a global level. CDQ’s Data Management Services provide this information in form of proven and ready to use data quality rules.

  • Reference Data and Metadata

    Ready to work reference data and proven data quality rules. Up-to-date and on a global scale.

Ready to Use Reference Data and Metadata Management for Global Business Partner Data

Customer and vendor data need to comply with international and local formatting rules and standards. These rules must be identified and documented. More and more companies are using also open data sources as reference data. These data sources do not follow any standardized data model or data provision. Identification, integration, and continuous updates of each of the external data source ties up valuable resources.

CDQ's CDQ Data Sharing Community allows to approach this challenge together with others, more effectively and with far less manual effort - because a problem shared is a problem halved! Leading companies identify collaboratively data requirements and reference data sources around the globe. They consider open data and paid premium reference data services. This information is collected, reviewed and documented.

  • Data quality rules ready to use for humans and available also as machine-readable in a semantic graph and as properly structured metadata
  • Our data management services integrate reference data is into one reference data pool easy to access
  • All new data requirements are automatically transformed to ready to use data quality rules

Data Management Services for Risk Mitigation

Invoice fraud is a growing threat. For accounts, payables and treasury bank account fraud prevention is a labour-intensive process. CDQ's Data Management Services support existing fraud prevention processes with innovative solutions based on the shareconomy. And thereby increase security against bank data fraud.

  • Payment Fraud Alerts

    Receive immediate information about fraudulent bank account numbers.

  • Bank Account Verification

    Innovative fraud prevention with bank account trust score using the shareconomy.

Keep Your Company's Money Protected - Use Payment Fraud Alerts

Every day, a huge number of invoices are received from different suppliers. One or two invoices look not suspicious but contain a new bank account number. Fraudsters often send fake invoices from "real" vendors, but with a fraudulent bank account. What if the bank account number is wrong and you pay millions to criminals?

Payment Fraud Alerts are early warnings of suspicious bank account information that allow your accounts payable department to review outstanding payments and block and flag suspicious transactions immediately. The fraud alerts of our data management service come from other companies that are victims of the fraud or attempted fraud. Avoid transferring outstanding payments to fraudulent accounts and increase security against invoice fraud.

Protect Your Company's Money and Resources - Use Bank Account Verification

The increasingly agile fraudsters have benefited from the limited adaptability of companies. In many companies, there is a lack of resources and, at the same time, several people are involved in the labour-intensive bank account control procedures. Nobody wants to accidentally transfer money to a fraudulent bank account.

Very few institutions have well-established anti-fraud teams and know best practices preventing fraud. CDQ's automated bank account validation service is based on trusted bank accounts and increases security against bank data fraud.

  • Bank account numbers used previously by other companies are scored considering cross-industry best practices in evaluating bank accounts
  • Our data management services use the advantages of the share economy - sharing data in a secure way. Get more insights, have less work and become more successful in business. Learn more on fraud detection & prevention

An Innovative Data Sharing Approach Forms the Basis for Our Data Management Services

The Data Sharing approach is at the forefront of our Data Management Services. By jointly maintaining customer and supplier master data, the advantages of the share economy can be used in the best possible way. This not only reduces the effort for the individual companies, but everyone benefits from high data quality, and also from the joint exchange and best practices developed by the Data Sharing Community.

Our Data Management Services can either be used with our web-based apps or integrated into your existing systems via an API.

Sustainable Improvement of Your Master Data Quality

Our data management services not only help you to improve the quality of your customer and supplier data once, for example, before migration to SAP S/4HANA ("get clean"). With our holistic approach, we also support your company continuously and sustainably improving data quality ("stay clean").

To do so, we rely on a modern and scalable cloud-based infrastructure that guarantees the best possible data security.

We protect your data in the best possible way!

Data ProtectionAll data that we receive when using our data management services is protected through up-to-date protocols and encryption mechanisms. The entire CDQ Cloud infrastructure is provided on Amazon Web Service (AWS) servers in the European Union (Frankfurt, Germany and Dublin, Ireland) to comply with EU data privacy regulation. All data uploaded into the CDQ Cloud as well as analysis results are stored in individual databases per customer, and users can choose to delete. If a user chooses to delete its data, all data will be deleted, and no data is cached or withheld. Updates which are disclosed for sharing with other community peers are processed and stored separately and do not have any backlink to a user.

Do you still have questions about the protection of your business partner data in the CDQ Cloud? We will be happy to answer your questions in a personal interview - just contact us!

Contact us regarding data protection!

Questions Regarding Our Data Management Platform?

Do you have questions about the capabilities of our data management platform or need support? We will gladly help you! You can easily reach us via the online contact form, by mail, phone or even in our chat.

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CDQ Sample Vendor in Gartner Hype Cycle

In the Hype Cycle for Data and Analytics Governance and Master Data Management 2020, CDQ was recognized among three vendors in the Interenterprise MDM category. CDQ as a Sample Vendor in Gartner Hype Cycle 2020

How CDQ Business Partner Lookup Works

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Fast and

Without duplicates!

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