Data Quality Tools

The CDQ Data Quality Tools allow for a comprehensive data quality analysis and cleansing of your business partner data. Thus, defects in data quality can be reliably detected and corrected, for example, during data cleansing prior to migration and integration projects or data quality initiatives. Furthermore, our services help prevent possible GDPR violations by reliably filtering natural persons out of your company’s master data.

Powerful Cloud Engine Technology

Our data quality tools use technology from the CDQ Cloud Engine, which consists of approximately 100 million data records, over 1700 data quality rules and more than 76 integrated open data sources, providing the foundation for all data quality analyses and services. By matching with the existing entries, incorrect data records can be easily identified. The cloud-based applications of the CDQ data quality tools can be immediately used after a one-time registration. A lengthy software installation is not required.

Our Clients: Leading Companies Around the World

Many leading companies in Europe and around the world, such as Bayer, Bosch, Nestlé or Novartis, rely on our data quality tools to continuously measure and improve their corporate data quality.

More information about the Data Quality Tools

The CDQ Data Quality Tools

  • Cloud-based data quality analytics
  • For customer and vendor data
  • 100+ million data records
  • 1700+ data quality rules
  • 76 authority data sources
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Currently free of charge

Leading enterprises rely on the CDQ Cloud Engine

Our bulk address cleansing tool for your global customer and vendor data scrubs addresses of your list clean within minutes. Available soon!

Get accurate legal company information including tax numbers and legal forms on a global level. Corrects legal entity data of your business partner.

Enhanced vendor data has direct business impact

Bills paid in time

Good data quality prevents invoices from being declined, for example due to incorrect addresses or legal forms. So your bills will be paid faster.

Avoid delivery failures

Good data quality helps you bring the right product in the right quantity to the right place at the right time.

Correct data for migration

Good data quality is especially important for migration projects, during mergers and acquisitions or other data quality initiatives.

CDQ Data Quality Tools for Better Data Quality

What is the state of the quality of my company’s master data? Which data segments are affected by errors and where are there structural problems? Our Data Quality Tools reliably help you answer these questions. Other useful applications include support in data cleansing prior to migration projects or the detection of personal data hidden within company data.

Cloud-Based Online Analytics for SMEs

The online applications of the CDQ Data Quality Tools have been specially developed for small and medium-sized enterprises which want to obtain a fast and reliable overview of their customers’ and suppliers’ data quality. Here, we offer facts instead of gut feelings. Our analysis services always work based on data instead of relying on mere assumptions.

Upon completion of your data analysis, you will instantly receive an initial overview of your data quality level. In addition, detailed results are available for download as an Excel or CSV file. Our data quality tools and Data Management Services are easy to use and can be immediately utilized without any restrictions, following a short registration process.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

All online data quality improvement tools are currently available for free. However, we reserve the right to offer the applications as a paid service in the future.

The data quality tools can be used without restrictions until further notice. Our software can also process big amounts of data records - just give it a try! However, we reserve the right to restrict the offer in the event of excessive use in order to protect our servers. Thank you for your understanding!

Our software solutions are cloud-based, no installation is required before use. Therefore, our apps are not bound to a specific OS platform.

No, our applications can be used for global data analysis and are not limited to a specific country.

Our online tools store your submitted data in a separate database so that you can access it at all times. If you delete the data within the respective app, the data will be completely deleted from our systems. We place great importance on data protection: The CDQ AG processes the submitted data only for the purpose of data quality analysis. We do not share or sell data to third parties.

The CDQ Data Quality Tools can currently be used for free and in full. We reserve the right, however, to offer the tool for a fee at a later time and to limit access due to excess use in order to protect our servers.

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Need help using our apps or have questions about data quality management? We are here to help! Our data management experts are always at your disposal!

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