Data Quality Tools

Cloud-Based Software Platform to Improve Your Business Partner Master Data

CDQ's cloud-based Data Quality Tools enable fast and reliable analyses, validation, cleansing and enrichment of your business partner master data. The powerful software platform was developed in close cooperation of our team with well-known, internationally operating companies - the members of the CDQ Data Sharing Community. The various modules of the Data Quality Tools are constantly being adapted and further developed to meet the requirements of our customers.

You can use our Data Quality as a Service (DQaaS) software platform via web applications or fully integrated with your ERP or CRM systems.

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180+ Mio

Data Records

The database of our Data Quality Tools contains over 180 million business partner records and is not limited to a specific country.

Data Quality Rules

By matching against over 1500 Data Quality Rules, our Data Quality Tools ensure high reliability of our records. The data validation rules are developed together with our community members according to their requirements.

Open Data Sources

Over 60 Open Data Sources are already integrated into our Data Quality Tools - and more are being added continuously. In addition, there are further premium data sources available, for example D&B.

Selected Features of Our Data Quality Tools

Data Quality Tools: Golden Record

Golden Record

Cherry-Picking from a Broad Range of Data Sources

The CDQ Golden Record is the most complete and validated record composed of all internal and external data sources integrated into the CDQ Data Quality Tools.

Data Quality Tools: Business Partner Lookup

Business Partner Lookup

Save Time in Creation of New Business Partners

Don't waste time collecting right information: The Business Partner Lookup tool within our data management software gives you instant results from various official open company registers and paid sources like D&B.

Data Quality Tools: Data Mirror

Data Mirror

Your Single Source of Truth for Master Data

The data mirror is a 1:1 representation of your data in our Data Quality Tools. The data mirror allows to bring together variouse databases spread troughout your enterprise. This is making it easier to validate, curate, consolidate, and enrich your data continuously, and to get transparency about the overal data quality of your business partner records.

Data Quality Tools: Bank Account Trust Score

Bank Account Trust Score

Community-Based Protection Against Invoice Fraud

Changing bank accounts of business partners cause great challenges for companies, because they have to be checked manually in an elaborate way in order not to become a victim of a fraud attempt. The reliability of bank accounts is continuously rated by our member companies. The trust score calculated from this is made available to the entire community.

Data Quality Tools: Easy integration into your ERP or CRM system via API

Easy Integration

Import Your Data via Real-Time API Access

Our Data Quality Tools provide Data Quality as a Service via web applications or deep integration in your enterprise ERP or CRM system via real-time API access. Import updated, cleansed, or enriched business partner data records directly without error-prone manual efforts!

More Services of Our Data Quality Tools

Our data quality cloud tools offer a broad range of capabilities for data quality analytics, as well as validation, cleansing, and enrichment of your business partner master data.

Data Cleansing

Outdated, incorrect, incomplete data of your customers and vendors causes delivery failures, unhappy customers, frustrated vendors and increased operational costs. We meet this problem and clean up your data using latest AI technologies in our Data Quality Tools.

Legal Entity Data Check

Our Data Quality Tools use an up-to-date database of 2500+ documented legal forms and their standardized abbreviations. The data management tool verifies and enriches legal entity data using 60+ reference data sources. It can be integrated into workflows to work in real-time for single records or used for batch processing jobs via API or via online apps.

Proactive Record Updates

In our Data Management Tools, we can monitor the data against our integrated registers and provide you proactively with updates for your records. A business partner changes his legal form, address or tax information? You will be notified immediately! This is performed via API directly in your system or also manually via report.

Data Quality Monitoring

Based on our 1500+ data quality rules, our Data quality Tools can continuously measure the quality of your business partner data and send you an analytics summary via mail. The monitoring can be set up via web application in a very easy way.

Data Enrichment

Our Data Quality Tools enrich your supplier and customer data records for 250+ countries as a batch or API solution to ensure only valid information (bill-to, shipping, legal, and others) are used in your ERP and CRM systems.

Data Deduplication

Datasets full of duplicates can’t be trusted and cost money. To gain back transparency, our Data Quality Tools easily identify and remove duplicates hiding in your business partner data. The algorithm based matching approach is highly flexible and makes use of comprehensive knowledge on country specifics.

Payment Fraud Alerts

Invoice fraud is on the rise, not by "Script Kiddies", but professional networks, operating on a global scale. Payment fraud cases or attempts within our community are shared with other members immediately, so Data Sharing peers can screen their open payments, and block suspicious transactions.

Sanction and Watchlist Alerts

Doing business with companies (and affiliates) which are sanctioned or affected by embargos can result in fines and reputational damage, but manual identification means high efforts. Your data records can be monitored continuously against the latest sanction and watch lists, so data maintainers are already notified during creation or update workflows.

Data Quality Analytics

Our data management tool allows you to quickly and easily evaluate the quality of your business partner data and to recognize possible improvements of quality due to data enrichment. The data quality check offers global coverage and is not limited to a specific country.

What Customers Say about Our Data Quality Tools

Customer Voice: Thorsten Hähnel (Sartorius) about the CDQ Data Quality Tools

New Features in Our Data Management Software Tools


Lookup requests and batch overlap check jobs are now configurable

A new app has been just introduced into our portfolio. The Business Partner Lookup Configurator application allows the user to create custom lookup configurations, which can be used when sending single business partner lookup request or running a batch overlap check job. Once the configuration is saved, it can be used via API as well as in Batch Overlap Check web application. Moreover, business partner lookup configuration, similarily to data validation and data curation configurations, can be selected in the API Key Management App and assigned to an API key.

Business Partner Lookup enriched by a new data source from the USA

Our BP Lookup service has been connected to a new data source - Internal Revenue Service, which offers data of over 1,7 million of organizations from the United States of America.


Connection to the UK VAT Lookup established

Since Brexit validation of GB VAT IDs is no longer possible via the European Commission's VIES services, the United Kingdom has established its own service for validating GB VAT IDs. Our data pool now connects to this service as an additional data source. This will allow for considering this service for VAT validation and for showing additional matches with the business partner lookup.


New records in the Business Partner Lookup: Companies in Norway

The Norwegian authorities provide a database that contains information about different kinds of corporations which have been registered in Norway.This data source has been connected to the CDQ Data Quality Tools and is now available in the Business Partner Lookup application.


Danish Company Registrations now available with the Business Partner Lookup

A new public data source has been connected to the CDQ Cloud Services: The official database of Danish businesses. The CVR contains detailed information on all Danish limited companies.

All features, Data Quality Rules and the integration of Reference Data sources in our Data Quality Tools are documented in the Data Sharing Community Wiki.

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