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“Shareconomy” for Customer and Supplier Data

Are you sharing cars, rides or vacation rentals? This is the age of sharing, and it’s now coming to data quality management: why maintaining your customer or supplier data yourself, when you can share the burden with others?

CDQ has set up a Data Sharing Community (former called Corporate Data League, CDL) where companies can share quality rules and best data with each other or enrich their own data with public sources, all in a secure and highly scalable cloud environment.

Data Sharing – the best way to better data

Every company has customers and suppliers, and every company has to work very hard to stay current with data changes. 90% of all data was created in the last 2 years, and the pace of change overwhelms even the most efficient data maintenance operations. Data Sharing beats manual data maintenance both in efficiency and in quality – that’s why we call it the best way to better data!

Sharing is a journey with 3 phases

Companies who embrace Data Sharing typically embark on a 3-part journey:

  • Phase 1 - Sharing of quality rules: companies receive 100% transparency on data quality by comparing their data against 1000+ quality rules. The rules are shared across the community and detect for example duplicates or typos
  • Phase 2 – Shared public data sources: gaps in data records can nowadays often be filled with public data – dozens of sources are already available. Some data like government registries are free, some premium data like Dun & Bradstreet is not. CDQ works as a broker into this world of Open Data
  • Phase 3 – Sharing of hand-validated records: Many companies do manual quality checks of sensitive information before they allow high-value transactions to go through - like wiring millions into a new bank account. Members of the CDQ Data Sharing Community can share these validated records with each other, providing highest quality levels for a fraction of the cost

Better Customer & Supplier Data

  • Better data quality, automatically enriched records
  • Fewer errors, fewer duplicates
  • Less manual maintenance
  • Clear governance with built-in compliance
  • Automated workflows

Sharing is here already: Leading companies are members of the CDQ Data Sharing Community

Shared public sources: where to find the best data

Governments are increasingly opening their official registries. Benefit from Open Data and use the CDQ Data Sharing platform as your broker! We have integrated over 40 external, trustworthy data sources into the platform, such as

SAP recommends Data Sharing to its customers

SAP LogoNow the Shareconomy has also reached the area of business partner data: In its current blog post, SAP introduces the data sharing economy and explains the principle of the collaborative use of corporate data. ▶ Using the Sharing Economy to Improve Supplier Data

Your Data is secure

Latest cloud encryption technology protects your data, and disclosure to sharing peers is strictly managed. Sharing is secure and efficient!

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Customers talking about our Data Sharing Solutions

Philippe Baumlin, Manager of Global Master Data Strategy, BASF

"Sharing proven bank account data saves significant time, compared to contacting the customers/vendors directly to verify new bank accounts. "Data Shareconomy" is an effective approach to unlock this source of trusted information."

Philippe Baumlin, Manager of Global Master Data Strategy, BASF
Jens Peter Henriksen

"We have set out on the journey with the Data Sharing Community together with a number of peer companies. We are convinced that the community will support us strategically in bringing our data management into the next generation."

Jens Peter Henriksen, Global Process Owner Master Data - Vendor Master Data, Bayer

Contact & Additional Information

Are you interested in Data Sharing and becoming a Community member? We are happy to show you how easy and efficient Data Sharing is for your company!

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Data sharing for better data quality

CDQ's innovative data sharing solutions ensure better data quality of customer and vendor master data with less manual effort. Taking a first step is easy! Data sharing for better data quality

CDQ Academy: Your Data Governance Training

The CDQ Academy Data Management Training provides professional courses in the area of data management and data quality management. Data Sharing Community members now benefit from discounted fees for all modules of our practice-related training! CDQ Academy: Your Data Management Training
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