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What are the valuation approaches to MDM?

Marcus Evans interviewed Hannes Schmidt regarding the valuation approaches to MDM. 


BASF and Robert Bosch join the Corporate Data League (CDL)

The management of business partner data is heavily redundant: Many companies manage data (e.g. country names and codes, bill-to / ship-to / ordering addresses, or tax numbers) of the same customers and vendors. For this reason, BASF Schweiz AG and Robert Bosch GmbH joined the Corporate Data League (CDL), the trusted network of user companies for sharing corporate data.


CDQ joins the Industrial Data Space Association to support collaborative data management

CDQ recently joined the Industrial Data Space Association (IDSA), an initiative that was launched in Germany at the end of 2014 by representatives from business, politics, and research. The idea behind the Industrial Data Space is to provide virtual data spaces that support the secure exchange and simple linking of data in business ecosystems on the basis of standards and using collaborative governance models.


Master Data Information Portal at Bosch

Bosch needed to gather and consolidate all relevant information about MDM in a central location providing a single source of truth…. 


Digitalisierung als Geschäftstreiber der vernetzten Industrie

Prof. Dr. Boris Otto hat am 9.11.2016 bei der Konferenz "Digitale Transformation in netzgestützten Industriesektoren" der Bundesnetzagentur einen Vortrag zur "Digitalisierung als Geschäftstreiber der vernetzten Industrie" gehalten. In dem inspirierenden Vortrag geht er auf ...

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